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Punjabis love foreign country, Jalandhar highway milestone milestone between Sydney, London and Dubai



Jalandhar: The craze of Punjabis to cross seven seas has reached the point of setting milestones along the highways. Doaba, popularly known as the land of NIIs, has seen milestones along the Jalandhar-Delhi National Highway covering the distances to Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai and London. A similar milestone can be seen on the National Highway near Dhannowali village in Jalandhar-Phagwara along the service lane. An official of the National Highway Authority said it was illegal to do so. This milestone will soon be removed.

On one side, the distance to Sydney is 10729 and the distance to Bangkok is 4660. On the other hand, the distance between Dubai is 2739 km and London is 747 km. Obviously, such milestones were not set by the National Highway Authority of India but by private travelers.

It is illegal to put up such boards on highways

It is illegal to erect any such boards or milestones on the National Highway. The NHAI also has arrangements to take action against those who do so. However, it is not yet known who set the milestones. is an Indian News Website, we publish News Content across india in multiple languages (English, Hindi or Punjabi). our official Web Address | official Facebook Page | Twitter Handle | Instagram |

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