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Post covid era witnessed the disastrous downfall of various companies, even those expected to withstand any financial contingencies. Although there are multiple reasons that one could come up with, the critical cause was their failure in reading the changes that the pandemic brought into The spectrum of business and business marketing. Sticking on to the traditional marketing strategies, not able to restructure, the reasons are plenty… When most of the business graduates sat at home wondering what on earth could give them a start, one man from Malabar, Kerala, without any business degree or formal business education, has successfully turned his free time into real hard currency through a unique method of marketing called organic business marketing.

His innovative business marketing strategies have lifted many firms in decline because of the post-covid financial crisis. His works are a glimpse into the modern marketing possibilities that can transform any firm into a sustainable money-making business. But how can someone without any formal business education pull off such miraculous results is the million-dollar question – but it’s no secret too. 

Before stepping into the world of business marketing, Sabik from Kozhikode was at a crossroads in his life. From exams to classes, everything about his BDS course seemed too hard for him to grasp. Failure after failure drained the last drops of his self-esteem. The pressure from both family and academics was unbearable to him; yet one day, Sabik decided to give up the course, but he knew one thing; he may have failed the expectations of his loved ones, but he’s never going to let himself fail. He wasn’t quitting on his passion for becoming a business marketing strategist. It was just the formal ways of education that he found boring. 

He then approached colleges and educational institutions along with a part-time job which helped him make ends meet while focusing on his voyage into the world of business marketing.

The real game-changing moment was his entry into India’s first-ever artificial intelligence-based education selling application, Jio’s Embibe. Dr Sharan J Shetty, who was a channel partner, provided him with an opportunity to work in the company, and that was the moment Sabik made his debut into the world of sales. 

He’d soon begin both his physical and spiritual journey into a self-made sensation of the contemporary Business Marketing world. From formulating political marketing strategies for political giants all across South India, Sabik has set benchmark results in the arena of political strategy making. Having travelled in more than four countries and successfully implemented his strategies in his freelance initiative in about 14 renowned companies, Sabik is now all set to finally kick-started his dream project. Marketing Consultancy and Business Development combined with the most modern features of Digital Marketing.

He set a paradigm by doing the impossible – reviving companies that were struck down by the pandemic. Through his unique methods in low-cost Organic Marketing, Sabik then branched out his business into Dubai and Qatar.

There was a time when the whole world stood between Sabik and his passion. Times and people were harsh, and he failed at times too. But, out of the sheer will and an unquenchable thirst to commit himself to passion, Sabik’s story of success is forged out of his years-long research and absolute commitment. He dared to question the status quo and has proved his life to be a manifestation of the ability to create miracles through hard work. He loved business with all his heart and found peace in immersing himself in industry and business marketing possibilities.

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