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Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been a hurdle to many lives. People all over the world felt
instant halt towards progressing to career and their dreams. Nevertheless, lockdown even
provided an opportunity to everyone to unleash their skills as the leisure time curated aspirants
to exhibit their art form. Be it through reels, poetry writing, dance, zoom jam sessions. One such
writers who emerged from the crisis to build the strong empire of her own in the world of poetry
is Madhurima Guruju.
An educator and artist for several years has admitted that her first love is always writing and
how the passion has inclined over the period of time to establish herself as a Poet and author.
“2020 lockdown was certainly painful but even gave me enough time to contemplate my
passion. I do enjoy teaching and making art but writing is something that always drove me to the
other dimension to seize the new perception of my life” reveals Madhurima.
When we asked her how did she manage to publish her first solo book and how had she embark
on writing journey, here’s what she explains
“During 2020 lockdown, instagram had organized napowrimo (national poetry writing month)
segment for every contemporary poet to bring out the best talents. And I had no clue, but
with the love for poems, I had taken part in it which to my surprise it landed me with great
opportunities. Several publishers approached me for anthologies that apparently transformed
me into co-author. Thus I went on publishing works and had co-authored for more than 15
books” she says.
Apart from writing poems her love for storytelling is even more flourished through several
open mic events she took part in Hyderabad post the 2020 lockdown. Madhurima did receive
accolades for her voice modulation and narration skills that made audience glued to her
“I think exploring into several writing techniques in detail helped me to comprehend my
strengths and weakness in the literary art. Storytelling is another strength I nurture for lifetime
as I am trained to be that spontaneous. I have been taking part in open mics since my early
teens for which I had even received certificates, medals and got featured in local radio stations
at Goa when I was 13 years old. And what I even admire is most of the students enjoy taking
part in literary art. To my surprise, when I had seen a plethora of college students cheering up for
poets and storytellers proved that literature will be an eternal classic choice for everyone”
Madhurima had released three poetry books this years that gained massive popularity. Her
recent work “Musings and Memories” a series of poems related to lives of people had been
released under spotwrite publication fetching enormous appreciation. She has won awards for
her profound work recently.
“I was surprised to have been nominated and winning prestigious awards and got wonderful
chance to interact with several authors. Honestly, this wouldn’t have been possible to attain,
without readers having been supporting me. I will keep working hard for sure”
Musings and Memories book is now available on Kinde, Google Play Bookstore and spotwrite
publication. With this we wish her all the best for her upcoming novel “When Love Lasts” which is
scheduled to release in the 1st week of November. is an Indian News Website, we publish News Content across india in multiple languages (English, Hindi or Punjabi). our official Web Address | official Facebook Page | Twitter Handle | Instagram |

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