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Do you know how movements and relative positions of celestial bodies are interpreted influence human mental & physical affairs and the natural world?

Astrologer Mrs. Ambuj Mishra, who won the title of“Women Icon of the Year” by Jackie Shroff, is a noble person and a good mentor.

Astrologer “Mrs. Ambuj Mishra,” today this name has brought hope in the lives of thousands of people who were suffering from some mental or physical stress or had always forgotten their authentic culture and adopted many such anti-cultural habits which proved to be painful.

Astrology not only provides solutions to your mental but physical troubles. This is not any magic or myth, nor is it imaginary, but it is wholly determined by mathematics. It is the way to open a file of your life. Your time of birth and date of birth is critical to open that file of life & help you find solutions for the problems you’re facing.

The only purpose of this whole process is to find solutions to your problems and tell you such as:

  • If there are frequent problems in your house,
  • Every time someone is sick in the place,
  • Worry about not getting a job and work,
  • If your child does not feel like studying or in school
  • If there is a problem of Vastu defect in the house,
  • If you are a little worried or disturbed due to any situation,
  • If any court affair is going on,
  • If you want to do the Kundli matching for peaceful marriage,
  • If your Graha is disturbed,
  • If there are problems in your marriage,
  • If you very often have fights or arguments with people,
  • If you’re having a wrong time,

If you cannot get the solution to your problems or any such problem that you are worried about, you can expect an answer from Mrs. Ambuj Mishra.

There are many such things in our life that give us sorrow or create inconvenience in our work. We are often unaware that there may be some reason or fault behind the troubles we are going through; listen to all this. I feel unbelievable, but every step of our life indeed determines our karma and our time.

If you think carefully about this subject, then you will understand that the decisions taken in our different situations determine our tomorrow. When you are in trouble for some reason, astrology can help you get out of them. There is always a solution that emerges from this!

Astrology is a subject where solutions will be given to resolve your problems. If you believe in astrology and Vastu shastra, you can send us your queries on our social media page or contact us on call.

“Ichha Jyotish Sansthan” started by Jyotishacharya Smt. Ambuj Mishra, has proven effective in helping many people today. We are relieved to know that our endeavour is capable of finding solutions to people’s problems.

We believe that if we raise some amount collected from “Iccha Jyotish Sansthan” to help the poor and needy, then nothing will be better than this. If anyone wants to contribute, you are most welcome. The time has come to fulfil the dream of helping as many as we can.

Mrs. Ambuj Mishra believes that if we can help others, we must do so because that is what makes us a wise person apart from others. We hope that you also believe in this contribution.

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