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“IndoSup is the venture established by a young entrepreneur Ashmit Sharma with a mission to revolutionise the supply chain in Construction Industry.”

IndoSup came into existence as India’s first SME focused company that strives to make SMEs site procurement simple, transparent and hassle-free. It is a SAAS backed one-stop platform to empower SMEs with the blend of technology to make a mark in the cutting edge of the competitive world. It works so that a centralised system controls the entire procurement chain on a single screen. The procurements are done for Civil, Interior, Fire fighting, Plumbing, Electrical, Pumping, HVAC, Solar, Solar, CCTV and BMS.

The services provided by IndoSup set them apart in the market.

– IndoSup is bringing direct procurement from manufacturers by disrupting the extended supply chain

– IndoSup provides a wide range of Industrial approved brands

– The technical team at IndoSup provides 24X7 supports to build any order from technical specifications

– IndoSup provides the fastest RFQs

– The quotations provided by IndoSup is precise and detailed

– Effective delivery on time and can be tracked from the manufacturer’s site to the customer’s site.

The founder Ashmit Sharma was born and brought up in a business family where sales and purchases were part of their daily business routine. Being a believer in ‘change in constant,’ he always adopted good selling skills for the success of his business. So he consistently innovated new and creative techniques, which helped in the company’s growth. He began his journey as an entrepreneur with his family business that traded industrial goods to Contractors in the MEP Sector. With rich knowledge of Business and Economics that he had mastered over the years, he assayed the tradition of ethical thinking and elevated with expansion to new cities of India.

His innovative idea had created the desired impact with the first breakthrough of sale of more than 100 Kirloskar Pumpsets in 2010. This success triggered Ashmit to start with his own company as a means of expansion. In 2011, he had established ‘WS Projects’ focusing on Turnkey Contracts with procurement as his expertise. The journey since 2011 has been highly refreshing, filled with setbacks to success; there was a situation of winning and losing. There were innumerous challenges and learnings at every step, but his entrepreneurial spirit figured out every possible way to grow and proceed ahead.

All the projects that he had received were for fixed duration only but due to non-availability of a right procurement platform

and non-management of inventory resulted in project delays & repetitive ordering, which made a heavy dent in his profit margins. 

In 2019 he started meeting fellow SME contractors to know their point of view and problems. He spared no effort to make a difference by eliminating mistakes and easing the pain, and that’s how “IndoSup” was born. With rich experience of 10 years as an SME contractor, he became well aware of the problem, and that’s why he has come up with innovative solutions through ‘IndoSup’ to ease the procurement process.

In the last year since the inception of IndoSup, it has acquired huge clientele all across India with major world-class brands with the delivery of over 33000 items. IndoSup is the perfect platform as a procurement partner in the construction Industry.

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