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“Homekrew is a service provider company based out of Kolkata that provides myriad of services such as interior designing, home painting, appliances repair & services, AC repair & service, civil work and many more.”

Excerpt from the latest conversation with Mr Sanjeev Giri, the founder of Homekrew.

“Homekrew was established in the year 2020 as an e-commerce company in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is a team of professional experts that caters to their services in various interior designing, home painting, electronic appliances repair and servicing, etc. Owing to the security of the customers, Homekrew hires experts with proper background verification. The customers book their desired service requirement from the mobile application or website of Homekrew. In 1 year, Homekrew built a good client base within Kolkata, West Bengal, emerging every passing day. Homekrew though established to provide services in Kolkata West Bengal but very soon it is gearing to expand its wings in other cities also.”

The founder Sanjeev Giri had established Homekrew with the clear vision of providing services at residential & commercial. He spares no effort in keeping his team motivated. His exceptional leadership quality, innovative skills and hard work have led his company into a profitable and demanding in one year since its inception. Though he had faced many challenges and obstacles during its establishment, he stood tall only because of his self faith, pure intention, and determination. Sanjeev excelled in his entrepreneurship career despite being an average student only because he was purely dedicated to it.

“Before establishing Homekrew, Sanjeev is the Managing Director of Montessori school established in 2016 named ‘Blue Butterfly preschool’ and later expanded its branches in 5 states of India. There was a time when his ability was questioned, and he was almost on the verge of rupturing his self-worth, but he handled every criticism very wisely as he was striving for excellence. He didn’t allow criticism to discourage him and even criticism fell short in front of his hard work and excellence. He has always believed that a degree does not define anyone’s success as the degree is just a piece of paper. What matters is smart knowledge, strategic planning, self faith, passion and determination.”

Sanjeev is the eldest in the family; besides being a loveable husband, he is a doting father to a baby boy. He was always inspired by Ratan Tata and followed in his footsteps. He makes sure to donate at least 10-15% of the profit to the charity. Moreover, he decided to collaborate with NGOs and hire the students who are pursuing education under NGO’S.

He further shares recently we have hired a candidate who despite being knowledgeable & skilful were getting rejected by the other companies & the number exceeded more than 50 times when he got left on the ground of his look. Judging someone based on his appearance is incorrect; moreover, his face was utterly ruptured since birth. But it was not his fault. The bottom line is he was successfully hired in Homekrew based on his talent. This triggered me to think that there must be many like him who despite being a deserving candidate gets rejected on the ground of their physical disability. So our team is constantly trying to get in touch with a few NGOs to employ such excellent educated candidates without being biased. I believe bringing a smile on the face of the people who need you the most is worth a million-dollar deal.” 

The last line shared by Sanjeev melted everyone’s hearts, and it’s awe-inspiring for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Indeed, a man with a golden heart!

Sanjeev signs off saying, “Never underestimate your desire and ideas; toil hard and keep chasing your passion nobody can stop you from achieving it. Keep learning. We learn every day, and when it comes to criticism, develop that mindset to improve yourself.”

So next time if you need reliable, professional service experts for kind of work like interior designing, Home Painting, Modular kitchen, Appliances repair & service, Ac repair & service, Civil work, Cctv Installation, Electrical work etc. then the perfect solution is HOMEKREW for all your needs that can provide you with the right professionals for every activity necessary to you.

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