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“Akshat Jain is an Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist who upskills and develop people to grow their business through Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho.”

The e-commerce business is on the rise, and it is considered a fantastic field in terms of career growth. Just like it is a fabulous career-making option in business, knowledge and skill build up within the area is equally important. Akshat Jain is one such trainer who has been mentoring the e-commerce business enthusiast. Existing business owners build e-commerce knowledge and skills with a full range of courses from the pre-start stage until sale with clear, quick learning options.

It was in 2015 when Akshat started doing a job in MNC. He began his selling account, and after achieving success in it, he began providing services related to business growth, sales-boosting, and performance-boosting on e-commerce online platforms through his company Grin services. After a brief period, he was honoured with an Award from Amazon. This way, he had excelled and achieved success in his field. He had also encountered that people were struggling to build the business and drive sales, and this triggered him to start with mentorship where he can provide every information where all new and existing business owners can start building their store right from setting up of eCommerce store, legal requirements, investment options, marketing and selling of the products. Eventually, he began training the program in 2021 with the mission of guiding and helping the youth to become self-dependent and achieve growth in the field of business. 

Akshat had gone through a lot of hardship and struggles when he started with his business. He started his career as an MNC, and after serving for a brief period, he kick-started his business in Amazon and acquired knowledge in e-commerce product selling. He gradually began delivering services to E-commerce sellers of Grin Services. He started everything from scratch without the aid and advantage of anything that was already prepared or completed. He began the journey of his business from his savings. He had turned his mistakes into a valuable life lesson. He made a healthy choice to be mentally more substantial, and that’s how his entrepreneurship journey began, initially from one room with one chair and table. It’s been six years since Akshat had stepped into this field of training business for every entrepreneur and small business owner that is emerging rapidly.

He provides training online through his website, zoom meetings, video meeting. He chose to provide training digitally as it is a medium with the help of which you can reach a vast number of audiences as acquiring an audience becomes a bit sometimes challenging to bring them physically. He had to embrace digital marketing and learn the strategies to grow the audience base with digital marketing techniques and ads. Akshat Jain is two times ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist) winner in the year 2018. Besides this, Akshat is a Google certified digital marketer. 

Akshat shares his point of view on success “Everybody has their definition of success but what is most important is success does not have any end. It’s not like after achieving your first target, and you will end up relaxing. Success should be continuous, and we should strive hard to grow it even after achieving the first target. Moreover, the journey towards outstanding success is not easy, and you have to go through a lot of hardships, rejections, failures, obstacles to accomplish what you have desired. Still, the bottom line is how you overcome those hardships being patient, and that is the key that will take you to a great height.”

Akshat signs off with his words of wisdom to the aspiring young entrepreneurs “It’s my appeal to the youth of our nation who are aspiring to start something of their own. They should begin with such platforms that are futuristic. Moreover, going with such business can solve the problem of normal people as the research says that 70% of India’s population is below the age of 35. I feel whatever the young aspiring entrepreneur’s desire to do, they must do it from the heart so that it benefits the society.”

You can follow him on his social media platforms and remain updated and learning.

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