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The Rajasthan-based Guinness World Record Holder Ed-Tech start-up Brainywood founded by Dr Vinod Sharma and Mr. Dhruv Suwalka is garnering massive traction in recent times after the successful launch of TV Commercials.  

Recently, the company has started the TV commercials of their Brainywood Learning app and changed its brand marketing approach from print to digital media to aggressively grow its market presence in the K-12 segment across the nation. The company ads have been broadcasted on the top media houses, including Zee News, Ajj Tak HD, Republic Bharat, India Tv, and many others.

In conversation with the founders, Mr. Dhruv Suwalka, he explained that the company has opted for a different marketing approach instead of traditional marketing. The company has decided to choose the education celebrity Dr Vinod Sharma for its advertisements.

Explaining the Brainywood app, he mentioned that Brainywood is changing the way students learn and memorize. The purpose of starting Brainywood was to create the first Ed-tech Application of its kind, which will reduce the study time, study stress, expenses by Increasing the Exam Results and Developing Holistic intelligence in students. 

The company now has an in-house team of 50+ composed of top industry training experts, teachers, and a network of more than 1,500 Franchises across the country, including some from the United States, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia. They all collectively helped more than 50,000+ students by teaching new scientific learning methods that help reduce students’ mental stress and help them memorize faster, more precisely, and for a longer duration.

Dr Vinod Sharma added that his vision is to provide a stress-free environment for all Indian students. He stated that In India, teachers teach every young student the same subjects in mostly the same ways, irrespective of individual talents, preferences, and one pace. Imagine if a doctor gives the same prescribed medicine for all of his patients, then the result of this would be terrible, and this is what happens with today’s students in India. He said that school, teachers, and parents are only concerned about how much a child is scoring in the end. Students who cannot learn best by sitting still at the desk are made to feel somehow inferior and insecure, and the one with the highest grade receives status and credentials. Today grades are being considered as the precise measurement for student competitiveness. Still, none of us is concerned about how long that knowledge can be recollected and holds a permanent place in our minds. No one is concerned that after the exam how long that knowledge can still be remembered. 

He further added that, due to a lack of innovation and scientific approach in studies today, boredom, lack of involvement, time-consuming, stress, and suicidal attempts are the unfortunate results of today’s education. The Brainywood app focuses on how the knowledge gained by the students can be retained for a more extended period and how new scientific techniques of learning can help our Indian students achieve the desired success. The app provides scientific methods of learning which not only help students in reducing mental stress but also provides various learning courses, including Coding for Kids, Vedic Mathematics, Website Development, Personality development, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, and many other learning courses to give the complete Holistic development to the Indian students. 

To know more about how Brainywood can help you memorize, you can visit or can download the app from the play store for FREE and can increase your memory now. is an Indian News Website, we publish News Content across india in multiple languages (English, Hindi or Punjabi). our official Web Address | official Facebook Page | Twitter Handle | Instagram |

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