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Abhay Raj International Group of Companies is a venture founded by the multifaceted entrepreneur Abhay Raj in the year 2015 with an aspiration and dream in the eyes to make a mark in the world of business. The venture after expanding its mark in the sector of health, infra, and pharmaceuticals now it is setting its foot in the path of crypto trading by launching Indian cryptocurrency called Aja Coin launched by the first Indian born entrepreneur Abhay Raj. He is widely recognized for his social work. His never give up attitude unveiled the door of creativity that rose him to zenith level.

Excerpt from the latest conversation with Abhay Raj.

How would you like to initiate this interview?

Abhay – I just want to pass on a message to all that this is 21st Century and if you aspires to become billionaire you have to upgrade your thinking with a new source of income and nothing can be more potential than crypto that is destined to be the biggest currencies in the world where every nation is going to trade in crypto.

Please tell us about your venture in details.

Abhay- Abhay Raj International Group of Companies came into existence in 2015 to serve in the field of health, infra, Pharmaceuticals and now after market research we have discovered much potential in crypto that will help our nation to grow so we are launching Indian cryptocurrency called Aja Coin. The reason behind choosing this name is our inspiration and motivation lord Shiva and AJA is one of name of lord Shiva. Unlike him we want to provide opportunities to every single person so that they can grow financially.

What makes ARI different from other companies?

Abhay – Our venture provides best knowledge and support for trading in crypto along with the management of crypto assets to grow and build the modern age capital and help our nation to adopt new way of monetization of digital currency. Our honorable prime minister also want India to go totally cash free and join the movement of digital India that’s why ARI technologies commits to serve with best for the nation and its people.

Have you ever faced any challenges in your entrepreneurial journey?

Abhay – It’s a story of every Indian middle class family where every single day comes with uncertainty until you get the chance to prove them wrong. I was 13 when I began working as a newspaper seller and people around me always tried to lower my morale but I did not crept down rather I was focused towards my goals and at the age of 18 I had joined Spencer as an FMCG sales executive with a quest to learn new things and from there I stepped into pharmaceutical industry. Initially I began with trading and after consequent success in trading I have established my own company and started manufacturing surgical goods. Since then there is no looking back now.

Please tell us something about your personal life.

Abhay – I was very enthusiastic since childhood always looking to adopt new technology and ideas to develop into knowledge and skill. Born and brought up in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. My life was never smooth as I grew up. I have faced hardships, struggles but never gave up at any point of life and this never gave up attitude made me the founder of Abhay Raj International, Ari Med International, Abhay Raj International Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Now with newer vision and innovative idea it’s time to serve our nation and empower people towards economic development.

Do you have any memorable in your life that you want to share with your audience?

Abhay – One fine day me and my friend invested in different market. He had invested in share market and I have invested in Bitcoin. Memorable in the sense he had received huge return on his investments while I remained in same number. However, when we met a year later he showed interest in the Bitcoin that I had invested. I had no idea but that valuation of Bitcoin rose to 1000% growth.

Would you like to Share some words of wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Abhay – There are various things which you need to set aside if you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur in life and those are over-thinking, Change of fear, dwelling in the past, trying to please everyone, drop your all odds then no obstacle can block your way. Furthermore, you have to be proactive as there is no certainty of the market changes and bankruptcy and before any uncertainty dents your savings and earnings be prepared to adopt new sources of income in 2021 and start investing in Cryptocurrency.

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