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Having a crystal clear complexion is the holy grail of beauty.

Dark spots, sunspots, melasma hyperpigmentation – whatever you call it, excess pigmentation on your skin is never fun to deal with and can often be a huge point of concern for many people.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation isn’t necessarily a condition but a term that describes darker skin due to higher Melanin production.

How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation?

Diet For Hyperpigmentation: All Your Questions Answered.

You are what you eat. That’s a famous adage in the world of nutrition. Is it also true for your skin? Can diet affect your skin and influence the appearance of melasma, sunspots, or acne marks?

Let’s start with the basics: “Does diet affect skin health?”

Your skin is considered the largest organ in your body for a good reason – it covers up all the rest of you. High-nutrient foods rich in vitamins, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and other vital nutrients give your high-quality skin resources to work with. So, yes, your diet plays a significant role in your skin health.

Does Water intake Promote Overall Healthy Skin?

Drinking enough water flushes toxins (including free radicals) from your cells, including your skin cells. It also helps keep your cells hydrated, so they can easily resist the effects of sun exposure.

How does meditation help in skin Transformation?

Chronic stress can be profoundly disruptive to our sleep cycle, digestive process, inflammatory response, and other delicately balanced internal systems that keep us happy and healthy.”

Meditation addresses the underlying issues that create skin problems in the first place. An emerging field of research called psychodermatology studies the interaction between mind and skin, looking at the effects of emotions on the skin and disorders that have skin manifestations. By bridging the gap between our emotional and mental states with our overall health, meditation has many benefits.

Superficial hyperpigmentation can be easily treated with a dedicated daily skincare routine.

Cleanser, Exfoliator, Serum, and Sunscreen can help brighten and even your skin, minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


First, prep your skin with a facial cleanser that contains lightening ingredients such as vitamin c, glutathione, licorice, or lactic acid.


Next, gently exfoliate your skin with a light facial scrub, brush, or washcloth to remove dead skin cells. If you don’t remove those dead skin cells, they could potentially block the treatment products that you will apply next from penetrating your skin and being effective.

While exfoliation can be an excellent way to promote softer, smoother skin in your weekly or bi-weekly skincare regimen, it can also have a positive effect on hyperpigmentation.

You can also add daily exfoliating toner to your skincare.


After you exfoliate, apply a serum for treating that contains active skin brightening ingredients. This serum must be scientifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation.

Moisturise and Protect

Finally, be sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, and hands every single day – even if you work indoors. Sunscreens are available that double as facial moisturisers and come in formulations appropriate for normal/dry and oily skin types.

Sunscreen can prevent the darkening of current hyperpigmentation and prevent future pigmentation from occurring, so you must use sunscreen whenever you are using any skin brightening products. If you don’t use sunscreen in conjunction with skin brightening products, you run the risk of making the dark spots you want to disappear even darker.

Why is e’clat superior fadeout is No. 1 Choice of skin experts to treat hyperpigmentation?

e’clat superior fadeout out is a scientific blend of 4-n-butyl resorcinol with AzelaicAcid, Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide, Licorice, and Phytic Acid.

Clinical studies reveal these ingredients are proven to treat hyperpigmentation without any side-effect.

e’clat superior Fadeout reduces the production of Melanin (Responsible for Pigmentation) deep inside the skin, lightening the pigmented marks & help speed up recovery to achieve flawless crystal clear complexion.

Did you know?

e’clat superior is the most featured skincare brand and winner of Maximum Awards in Skincare 20-21. Due to its Most Innovative, Promising, and Transformative range, Dermatologists and Skinfluencers are huge fans of this.

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