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SmileHosty is India’s best cheapest Web hosting website, with plans starting from just ₹12 Per month. The company was started on 28th September 2021, by Himanshu Bansal and Mehul Mangal. It became India’s best and Cheapest Hosting website in just three months. 

SmileHosty’s Services:

SmileHosty is the fastest and secure hosting website throughout the whole India. It provides the best website loading time and the best server performance. They are working very hard to provide the best Hosting experience at a cheap price. They currently have many servers in India and Germany and are planning to Extend their server locations in the future.

SmileHosty provides many best services at a cheap price, like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller Hosting, VPS server, Dedicated Server and Domain, etc. 

Himanshu, The Founder of SmileHosty, said that they are planning to provide Email Hosting and Cloud Hosting In the future.

Pricing and Features:

SmileHosty is Popular for its pricing. They are providing the lowest and best Hosting price in India. Their shared hosting price starts from just ₹12 Per Month With Free cPanel, Free SSL Certificate, Unmetered bandwidth, Free Virus Protection (Immunity360), and many other premium plugins. 

Their WordPress hosting price is also cheap. It starts from just ₹29 Per month with the Same Premium Quality Plugins and Features.

After Sell Service:

SmileHosty’s after-sale service is really award-winning. They provide the best support to their clients as much as they Can. Here we Are providing you Customer Support Details of SmileHosty.

Call For Sales Related Query : +91 8058130850 (10:00AM to 07:00PM, Everyday)

Call For Support Related Query : +91 81122 98902 (10:00AM to 07:00PM, Everyday)

WhatsApp Support: +91 8058130850 (24×7×365 support)


Office Address: Office Number 7, Gumat, Bari (328021), Rajasthan.

Reasons to Choose SmileHosty Web Hosting website:

There Are so many reasons to Choose SmileHosty. The first and foremost reason is that SmileHosty is India’s best and Cheapest Hosting website. Apart from it, Their so many other reasons to Choose SmileHosty like Free cPanel, Free SSL Certificate, Free virus and dDos protection (Immunity 360), Award-Winning 24×7 Customer Support, Fast Server Response Time, SSD storage instead of HardDisk, Litespeed Web Server, and Much more. 

The connection speeds offered by SmileHosty vary widely depending on the server system you decide to use. In our experience, we’ve never had any issues with connection speeds no matter where in the world you’re accessing the site from, even in India. They have servers in India also, So you will never face such a Speed issue with SmileHosty.

Better yet, if you’re unsure which plan to purchase, SmileHosty’s support team can help you decide by calling their sales helpline.

They also provide 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. They refund you the total amount in case of dissatisfaction. 

Mr. Himanshu and Mehul Agrawal, The Founders of SmileHosty, says, “Our main focus is to provide best and cheap web hosting to Peoples. We provide the cheapest hosting in India without compromising with the quality. It’s our promise to all our clients that we will definitely make you Smile with our pricing and service quality.”

So basically, SmileHosty is India’s cheapest and best web hosting website proving their best to give you the best.Website Link: 

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