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“Are you owning a business or running a website and want to grow but not sure how?”

Here is your answer: TECHINFINITY

Techinfinity is a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai that offers end-to-end digital marketing services, such as website design and Search Engine Marketing. Whether you want Google ads, Social Media ads, or both, Techinfinity has you covered.

Techinfinity was founded and started seven years ago when three friends Hemant Shah, Omkar Pai and Ronak Parikh, partnered and started the firm. The journey of friends-cum-partners has come a long way that is filled with inspiration, struggle, determination and perseverance of three young people who dreamt of taking the digital marketing industry by storm to put it in their words, “This all didn’t happen overnight. The team that started with three people seven years back now has thirty-plus members! This is huge.”

Techinfinity’s journey has been a roller coaster ride, with all the ups and downs. Still, they persevered and now have a 100% customer satisfaction rate with over 285 clients in the IT field, providing them with services such as Website Development, Digital Marketing, and other Auxiliary Services at very affordable rates.

Some Happy Clients:

The reviews of Techinfinity’s services demonstrate how good their team and services are; let’s see what their Happy Customers have to say about them—

“Techinfinity manages our social media. Our ads generated thousands of clicks in six months.

We are thrilled at the result of this partnership. The team is responsive and takes a modem

approach to achieve goals. Our audience has grown and

expanded. We highly recommend Techinfinity for cutting-edge

SEO and digital marketing solutions.”

The other user says,

Ronak, Hemant and the team have been a critical part of Mumbai Live’s growth.

Their understanding of SEO has guided our team to better writing for the web.

Most importantly they are available 24×7 for any and all our requirements.

We have built

a solid partnership over the years that has benefited us as a brand and business.

(Source: Techinfinity website/ review)

What Sets Them Apart:

Techinfinity is well-known as a one-stop solution for all of your business needs. They offer services like Search Engine Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Social Media Management, SEO, Email Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, etc. Techinfinity assists their customers in strategizing, designing to development, execution and registration. The well young qualified team monitors the result and output. “Techinfinity believes in quality work and therefore achieve quality results.”

Their Achievements:

Techinfinity has also represented the Maharashtra state at the India International Trade Fair (IITF), held in New Delhi, where Techinfinity was registered under the Start-up India scheme. Techinfinity was among the top 60 start-ups at IITF, allowing them to express their skills and innovative ideas in Magnetic Maharashtra at BKC. The significant recognition was achieved when Techinfinity was a part of the Coffee Table Book launched by the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. These achievements led to a massive boost in the customer-client base of Techinfinity.

Boosting Brand’s Digital Presence:

Techinfinity helps surge businesses to manage their presence and promotions on top social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Social media is an excellent platform for a business to reach potential customers. There are around 3.96 billion social media users, roughly 59% of the world’s population. With proper strategies formulated by the experts at Techinfinity, you can see phenomenal growth.

Techinfinity has a case studies section on their official website, where they narrate stories— from A to Z. It includes the strategies they used to expand the market and how they overcame the difficulties in designing a brand value for famous clients such as Mumbai Live, My Tax Advisor, Wedjobs, etc.

Their Success Stories:

Their client list includes Indian Navy, Indian Oil, KFC, Yes Bank and several other notable and reputed organizations and companies. A well-known news platform, Mumbai Live; a hyper-local news channel based in Mumbai, India. Mumbai Live team’s main concern was to attract and serve Mumbai, a place with a huge population. The company also tried creating multilingual material, which wasn’t booming even though the company’s content was excellent. The company’s website ranked poorly in terms of SEO and had relatively less traffic. Techinfinity started from scratch, mainly emphasising improving the company’s SEO strategy and implementing a mixed-method approach that included long-tail keywords in particular. Techinfinity also insisted on implementing push alerts, email marketing, telegram, and other similar tools, which proved to be highly beneficial and excellent output was the result. The company saw a massive jump in the visits, from around 2.1 million yearly visitors at the start of the analysis. The traffic quadrupled within almost three months to 24 million users. Mumbai Live has established itself as one of the city’s hyperlocal news websites, along with a solid social media presence.

Think Techinfinity when planning to increase your Digital Presence

If you want to expand or grow your business online, what are you waiting for? Hit the link below and consult Techinfinity to get the best digital marketing, SEO, Ads and whatnot. Everything you need is just a click away!

Let them take the responsibility to grow your business online whilst you focus on the core competencies!

Reach out to Techinfinity, a Mumbai based Digital Marketing agency and send them an inquiry to get a free consultation today!

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Phone: +919833388717

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