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Inspiring Journey of Magic Chai Outlets Success with Two Business Man –



As you know that the Journey of starting any new Outlets is not so easy, and their expansion is too hard to achieve soon. It’s said that Ideas are easy but the implementation is hard and if you are determined to implement your idea no one can stop you from chasing and expanding your dream and business respectively. For that one should really have a good mindset and positive attitude towards their plan.

During the lockdown, many businesses went in huge loss and many of them are totally shattered due to the lack of sources. These two also faced the same situation. We often listen that we are our choices, build yourself a great story, and surprisingly they proved this phrase. Eventually, destiny wanted something different from their side that’s why they started MAGIC CHAI.

Today we will have a glance at the story of two businesses man who achieved huge success after the period of lockdown and yes, it happened due to their determination of achieving success in their professional life. We are talking about Mr. Deepak Gaur and Mr. Manmohan Khatri who opened the MAGIC CHAI OUTLETS, in different parts of the country.

MAGIC CHAI establishment is a result of the coordination and corporation about market plans and hard work. One thing which is very interesting to know that why they chose to open MAGIC CHAI, so let’s have a brief on that. At that time, they were left with only two options, either they would have restarted the same business again or adopted new market plans and strategies to stable in the market. But as there was again the chances of losing the status in the market, so they selected the second option.

After deeply conversation and research Mr. Deepak Gaur and Mr. Manmohan Khatri both started the MAGIC CHAI outlet in Bikaner during the year 2019. Within two years of journey, magic chai opened 3 outlets in Bikaner and 1 in Jaipur with the introduction of 170+ modules of chai, coffee, and fast food. As per Deepak, tea is the second most used product in India after water, which is proof of its business potential.

They had started it with an extremely low budget, but eventually, MAGIC CHAI started spreading its magic over the people of Bikaner. Once a customer tastes the Chai here, they can’t resist themselves going back to it. In the early days of the business, the two partners had to go through a lot of struggles and criticism. Gradually the name became popular and the shop started overflowing with customers.

Magic Chai is one of the fastest-growing chains all over the world. Its specialty is the authentic taste of tea with freshly prepared snacks and shakes for customers. No stale food is used by the magic chai employees. The thickness, taste, and hand touch of coffee and tea make magic chai more special over many other costly products. In an era of the machine and electronic products, they go with the trend of handmade things to give the traditional or deshi touch in their items and too with minimal rate. Its service is on from 10 AM to 12 AM daily.

Magic Chai is spreading day by day over the international market that’s why they have started working to open outlets in Thailand. Furthermore, they offer business and investment options to the interested one who wants to establish their food unit in the local or international market.

Whoever will get engaged with them, as an investor and help them to open more outlets in the country will get profited marginal from the business. They make sure the investors about the product management and quality over the market.

Moreover, if someone wants to open a food business with the partnership of Magic Chai then they offer the precious experience and market analysis on their business growth. If you have 3lakh to 4lakh for initial start-up then you can surely collaborate with Magic Chai and will get high profits with fewer efforts because it already helps you to finalize the location, menu, customer behavior toward particular product demand and supply, etc.

Mr. Deepak and Mr. Manmohan involve some more franchises in their menu for enhancing more sales, wide-area customer coverage, and increasing brand potential over the international market. But for more information about investment and start-up business, you need to make a direct call to him .

They made their business value over the Bikaner customers. The concept of MAGIC CHAI has been proven to be an impressive and successful idea. They proved that if someone works with dedication and full strategy then no one stops you to achieve your destination soon. No matter how many hurdles are coming in your way, you can handle each situation if you are working with a defined and focused goal. According to new visionally of people, they highlight themselves as a young entrepreneur who had achieved their place in the market after huge loss in early business.

Magic Chai is the most popular and quality-worthy outlet of chai. And its opener is regained success in the market again with a different medium. Anyone can get success with them soon, with the given method of collaboration. So don’t wait and go for once at MAGIC CHAI to enhance your experience with CHAI and if you are a chai lover then differently you won’t regret trying MAGIC CHAI.

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