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An Inspiring ‘Make In India’ Story Of Satpuda Engineering’s “GoRill”–Ambulance Stretcher –



For a long time, the Indian Market for Ambulance Stretchers was flooded with low-cost Chinese stretchers with short product life, owing to their low patient weight-bearing capacity. Concomitantly, Indian Ambulance manufacturers (OEMs) and Ambulance bodybuilders had to opt for European and American companies to procure ambulance stretchers with an independent leg folding mechanism (much safer to operate) and high patient weight-bearing capacity. These stretchers came at an exorbitant cost and had long procurement lead times, which was not practical for the Indian business scenario. Indian ambulance manufacturers & ambulance bodybuilders had no import substitution option that would have a high patient weight-bearing capacity and an independent leg folding mechanism to ensure the safety of the patient and the stretcher’s operator. Due to this, the Indian Market of ambulance stretchers helplessly suffered the dominance of Chinese, European and American companies for a long time. Later, Satpuda Engineering Pvt. Ltd., an Indian company situated in Nashik, Maharashtra, decided to challenge this status quo of the Indian ambulance stretcher industry. The Lion of ‘Make In India’ roared once again with the fire of patriotism in its heart.

‘GoRill’, an AIS-125 certified ambulance stretcher, came into existence by the ceaseless efforts of Satpuda’s team with the one-pointed mission of manufacturing an AIS-125 standard Ambulance Stretcher in India, made from the materials of India, designed and manufactured with the talented minds and hands of Indians. Relentless brainstorming of concepts and study of materials leads to an innovative design. But, to make it affordable without compromising its integrity was another challenge. With lean manufacturing processes and systems, finally, at an affordable price, Satpuda introduced ‘GoRill’, an AIS-125 certified ambulance stretcher with an independent leg folding mechanism and high patient weight-bearing capacity to ensure greater longevity.

Satpuda has continuously poured out its heart and soul to innovate and manufacture products that are easy to use and safe to operate for the end-user. Ambulance Stretchers are used during emergencies. That is why Satpuda manufactured ‘GoRill’ with an ‘Independent leg folding System’ to ensure stretcher operator’s and patient’s safety during its usage.

Satpuda’s commitment to safety is reflected in its robust quality assurance system. Every unit of ‘GoRill’ undergoes 100% pre-dispatch inspection through a 55 checkpoints list. ‘GoRill’ conforms to all the AIS-125 standards and has successfully cleared the 10g impact test. Thus it was awarded the AIS-125 certificate for B and C type ambulances in August 2018. Satpuda further developed an advanced variant of ‘GoRill’ for AIS D-type ambulances, high-value cardiac ambulances. They were awarded the AIS-125 D-type certificate in January 2020. Quality comes from ‘attention to detail’, which is one of the core values of Satpuda. This value gets validated when we experience the ease of use of ‘GoRill’. Satpuda has ensured smooth movement of all the mechanisms, enhancing the stretcher operator’s patient loading and unloading experience. With this, Satpuda’s ‘GoRill’ made its mark in India’s ambulance stretcher market.

As the Indian Government imposed the AIS-125 norms in 2018 for ambulances and stretchers, Satpuda has taken over the Indian market single-handedly by providing AIS-125 certified Ambulance Stretchers to all major Ambulance manufacturers (OEMs) and Ambulance Bodybuilders across India. The longevity and durability of ‘GoRill’, it is affordable pricing, and ease of use have made it stand out in the market. Satpuda reverbs with dignity as its integral efforts towards innovation, safety, and attention to detail have established a benchmark in the Indian market of Ambulance Stretchers.

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