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“Krishnaveni Natarajan, a literary enthusiast steals the limelight lately scribbling the beautiful poems exhibit an astounding and phenomenal appeal.”

            Krishnaveni Natarajan, a poet and passionate writer doing excellence becomes truly inspirational. Focusing on the well-being of her career as well happily striving for her passion of writing, the young artist rocking great and stepping each day towards her goals progressively.

          Krishnaveni Natarajan is the co-author of 60+ anthologies besides got published in many reputed magazines. Recently her author interview featured in the Elysian Magazine, in which she shares her beautiful journey and experiences in the field of writing. We can expect her debut solo poetry book very soon as she mentioned in the interview.

          The whole world got stuck within the walls of cage for the past two years. Despite, this aspiring writer said, “I never thought to become a writer. If anyone had told me, I would turn as a writer a year ago seriously, I wouldn’t have believed but laughed hard at. But, life is so unpredictable right? Yeah, it happened. It truly something I didn’t even dreamt of. All becomes possible only because of the Lord’s grace. I know many lives have changed during this pandemic but God showered his immense grace and turned me worthful.”

          Krishnaveni Natarajan is of the opinion that “an honest vision with purpose and sincere effort never go in vain but outshines the path of pitch dark gloriously.” The young aspiring writer, Krishnaveni Natarajan won many awards like Hindustan Writer Award 2021, Sparkling Scribbler of the Year 2021 and so on. Most her poems, portrays the sensible truths of life, divinity about nature and caress the wounded heart with ever beautifully written verses. is an Indian News Website, we publish News Content across india in multiple languages (English, Hindi or Punjabi). our official Web Address | official Facebook Page | Twitter Handle | Instagram |

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