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The dazzling diva Erina Pathan is climbing the success stairs with her reminiscing print shoots, designer shoots and ramp shows.



Erina Pathan, a young and ambitious model, is ready to ignite the fashion business with her alluring appearance and graceful gait. The very beautiful model is known for her over the top looks and sense of styling which makes her the perfect model for any print shoots or designer shoots. Her ramp walks always stands out from the crowd, therefore she always makes a cut through any show she’s been in. Her head is constantly raised high, which denotes resolve and confidence.

Recently she has been seen playing a role in a crime series as a Minister supporting the Farmers Movement. The movement has been in the limelight for months. The dialouges she delivered were praised by the audience. Well the farmer’s law has been taken back by the government, and these little steps taken by our society whether it is the film industry or the NGO’s everybody played a huge role. She’s extremely grateful that she got such a character to play in her career. She says “ Playing such a role is lifetime memory for me”. Her acting skills were vividly applauded by the critics. Erina Pathan is not only a great model but an upcoming actress to be. She will be a great cast for music videos, short movies and web series. 

As they say “First impression is the last impression”. Erina is always loved by someone who met her the first time due to her polite, well spoken attitude. She always carry around positive vibes which ultimately lights up the whole environment that makes her a great model to work with.

The model is always seen carrying herself with poise and grace. Her heart warming attitude is not hidden from anyone. Her colleagues and peers love her for her hard working and enthusiastic attitude.

Her achievements till date are listed below:

  • Finalist in Enigma Miss India Finalist for Miss and Mrs India season 4
  • Achiever’s awards for Contribution in Modelling from reputed Mumbai Sandhya National Hindi-Marathi Newspaper
  • Participated in Mr, Miss and Mrs India Grandeur De Sanchi Goa
  • Participated in Khoobsurat Fashion Show Mr. and Mrs Attitude 2017 Bandra Mumbai
  • Participated in Khoobsurat Fashion Show 2017 Vardhman Fantasy Mira Road
  • Participated in Khoobsurat Fashion Show 2017 Bandra Mumbai
  • Attended International Iconic Talent 2018 Jamnagar

The ambitious young lady knows her best angles and how to use them to give the perfect shot. She’s known to be the perfect photogenic face due to which every shot she gives turns out as bomb as it can be. Her attractive features make you fall in love with her personality which makes her a perfect choice for advertisement and print shoots.

She had a lot of experience in this modelling industry which gives her a clear cut advantage over some new comers. Julius Caesar quotes “ Experience is the teacher of all things.” You can not buy experience from anything. Her experience in the different field of modeling gives her a wider prospective in her work. Erina Pathan never takes her work lightly; she takes each assignment seriously and never brags about it.

She is ecstatic to be a part of music videos, calendar shoots, print shoots, and designer shoots. Erina is available for out-of-town/country shots at any time and is well-versed in ramp displays. She feels at ease in both Indian and Western Wear pictures. She is a ground-breaker, and her appearance will undoubtedly help the show, music video, or brand reach a wider audience. The young model has yet to appear in any more notable fashion shoots, runway shows, or music videos.

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