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“TAMAS APP – Film Industry’s one-stop solution for your dream to make reality along with short videos.”



The entertainment industry is a sunrise sector for the economy and is making significant strides with film, music, and TV shows. However, all that glitters are not gold, with a survey witnessing a sharp rise in fraud-related cases and fake entities hitting the Entertainment Industry over the past few years. To put an end to the elevation of artificial entities and forgery TAMAS APP was launched on 1st April 2020 by Tamas Talent Spree Private Limited.

Tamas App is the fastest-growing short videos mobile platform that is made in India. It surpasses the bounds of traditional social media. It provides all with a space for creativity, community, and laughter by making short videos that come up with an opportunity to become famous with the growth of the fan base. It has been one of the best platforms, which can be beneficial not only for the artist but also for the filmmakers or any show makers to fetch the best talent for their project. Witnessing the popularity, Tamas App also provides a golden opportunity for its users to step into the entertainment industry. They can glitter their destiny by performing in films, serials, web series, and music videos and achieving their most prominent dream. This makes the Tamas App a perfect space that let everyone’s metaphorical hair down and forgets their apprehension.

As one of the newest social media platforms, TAMAS App’s user base is increasing within 1-year post its launch, and it’s quickly becoming an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach new and larger audiences.

There have been over 48k downloads of TAMAS and more than 15K visitors across the country. The platform’s primary demographic of users includes young adults and teenagers. The volume of users and the rate at which it is growing speculates that it can acquire a massive audience across the globe shortly.

TAMAS is associated with the entertainment industry for more than a decade. They line up everything from pre-production, production, post-production, promotion until release. Tamas commits to set up a Line of services everywhere, from Bollywood film City Mumbai to Ramoji Film city Hyderabad with a vast network. In India, even if anyone wants to shoot in any state, TAMAS gets permission within a moment. Tamas has more than 300 studios all over India where they can do shooting at low prices. The speciality of Tamas is that it takes talent, technologies, and locations available at a reasonable rate; as a whole, Tamas is a one-stop solution for the fundamental requirement of the entertainment industry!

TAMAS is an effective and innovative platform for connecting with new audiences and talents in international markets. They are committed to managing, developing, growing, and providing Indian skills in the Hollywood film industry. Their unique team’s experience in entertainment industry deals and exclusive connection with Hollywood sets their company apart from the crowd. Their authenticity makes them a constant with all the stakeholders involved. Tamas aims to collaborate with International film Industries of popular countries like Korea, Japan, the UK, the USA, and many services. Even when shooting in India or which includes lining up everything right from providing with actors, spot boys, singers, shooting location, production services, promotions, and advertising, all the items related to the shoot Cameras, lights, vanity vans, helicopters, trains, buses, luxury cars and what not! In short, TAMAS offers 360-degree services related to the entertainment industry. This made its one-stop solution for every requirement in the world of show by giving actors and filmmakers from Bollywood to Hollywood access to millions of opportunities and providing them with solutions that would not have been possible to find on their own.

Tamas App is entirely a new spur of social media that one should not ignore. It is an ideal platform for brand promotion as well as influencer marketing. Through Tamas, branding and promotion is an effective medium to get maximum reach where Tamas has already entered the scene of multiple advantages and a trouble-shooter with this promising potential. It has a solid standing in India, with a 99.99% chance to reach out to the market on a global scale soon.