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Sukhbir Badal is biggest liar of the century: Navjot Sidhu



VERKA(AMRITSAR): Punjab Congress president Navjot Singh Sidhu here on Saturday described the SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal was a biggest lair of the century.

In a press conference here today, when Sidhu was asked that Sukhbir Badal alleging that Sidhu wanted him to book in false case, he in a reply while refuting the allegation said, “My wife used to say, Sukhbir Badal should be given award of ‘ biggest liar of the century”. I never beg votes, even never make false promises like other politicians. In the very beginning, several years back when I touch the threshold of Gurui di Nagri Amritsar asked the people to own me and make me partner in your good and bad time. Ten years back my wife elected MLA first time from here and thereafter I was elected from the same Amritsar East Assembly constituency and only sole motive was to do overall development of the area but never intended to register any fake criminal case against anybody like other politicians. In the last five years the development of this constituency is far better than the last fifty years. Now, if elected once again I will make unprecedented development in five years like one hundred years”.

Adding further Sidhu said, “ I, in full public view, will never hesitate to say that the present DGP was the then IG who issued clean chit to Sukhbir Badal in the sacrilege case. The present DGP when he was IG was remained blue-eyed boy of Sumedh Saini who was DGP at that time. I never met the present DGP who was IG at the time sacrilege incidents in Punjab, if anybody proves it, I will take no time to leave politics forever. These are the fake allegations of Sukhbir who time again was saying that I had meeting with the present DGP”.

Now, I ask Sukhbir Badal to tell us who is Gurdip Jujhar running the cable mafia in Punjab was recently raided by ED. Jujhar is a close friend of Sukhbir Badal. The runaway Gurdeep Singh Jujhar is the biggest thief of Service Tax in the tune of RS. 1.5 crore of TV cable connections exists in this area whereas he was declaring merely 1.5 lakhs. So, while evading the Service Tax he plundered the State as well as Central Government exchequer. The things doesn’t end here, as one of the State level politician has given him eleven acre land while extending him undue favour the reason best known to that politician. This Gurdip Jujhar is accountable for the suicide of cable operators as one cable operator had committed suicide in the court room in Amritsar due to this tainted person. He made the cable operators slave due to his monopoly, but Sukhbir Badal during his tenure as Deputy Chief Minister in Punjab never charged any tax from this Gurdip Singh Jujhar who was extending severe damage to Government exchequer. Nobody in the fifteen years dared to grill Juajar even the recently removed CM”.

Adding further Sidhu said, “ Sukhbir Badal has phobia that he could be arrested any time since his guilt conscious always prick him as a reason the ghost of Sidhu haunts Sukhbir Badal in the night’s dream. All such things indicates that Sukhbir has committed some wrong doings that is why he remains in constant fear”.

Coming on Special Task Force report on drugs, Sidhu asked the state government who stopped it from making it public. Here Government is not initiating any action against the alleged accused of Bargari incidents for the last six months inspite of Court’s directions only due to blanket bail granted to former DGPC Sumedh Saini through Advocate APS Deol stops the Government. Here the State Government should file SLP to quash the blanket bail of Saini”.

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