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Power engineers and employees to protest on Dec.8



CHANDIGARH: Power sector employees and engineers under the banner of the National Coordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers (NCCOEEE )has finalized an action plan in all states to oppose the Electricity Amendment Bill 2021.

The employees from Punjab, Haryana, and other states will hold day-long massive demonstrations on December 8 at all the power utility headquarters, projects, and work sites said V K Gupta a spokesperson of All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF).

The meeting of the NCCOEEE was held in New Delhi on the 3rd. December and was attended by the Shailendra Dubey Chairman, Rathnakar Rao Secretary-General A K Jain and Prashant Chaturvedi from AIPEF,, Prashant Choudhary & Subhash Lamba from EEFI. Mohan Sharma & Mohd. Samuela from AIFEE, R K Trivedi & Abhimanyu Dhankar of Diploma engineers, Samar Sinha & R K Sharma from AIPF, and others.

In the meeting, it was further decided to hold a central-level protest will be held on December 15 in New Delhi. Further, in case the government attempts to place the bill in either house of the Parliament, NCCOEEE constituents will resort to spontaneous work boycotts and start day-long demonstrations at all electricity work centers.

V K Gupta said that this bill is trumpeted to bring power sector reforms while it is the document that will facilitate the death knell to the power distribution companies. The bill is to facilitate the private players to make open loot by making use of the infrastructure of electricity distribution utility without any investment.
Privatization means the nationalization of losses and privatization of profits PPPs are structured such that the state incurs most of the financial burden and the losses, the private partner has free and unhindered access to profits.

NCCOEEE is concerned that the agenda of the NDA government shows that Electricity Bill 2021 will be tabled in the ongoing session of the parliament with the object of curbing the right of access to electricity for poor
and rural people of India.

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