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HowIMadeIt! Keith Sequeira: I will ask my wife Rochelle out of respect if I am told to do an intimate scene | Hindi Movie News



Keith Sequeira, our guest on this week’s #HowIMadeIt, is not saying that he’s had enough of TV (‘Bigg Boss 9’, Diya Aur Baati Hum’, Dekho Magar Pyaar Se’) but it is clear that he wants to swim in different waters now. He sports a new rugged look and has put up pictures in rough-n-tough avatars on his Instagram account.

And how did he get this wake-up-call if we can term it that? Keith says that a journalist asked him, why don’t we see him in some new avatars, since there’s so much content happening now on the web shows’ front. Lo and behold! Keith has also moved into the digital space, but it’s a little early for him to spill the beans. See the full conversation below.

Keith, frank as always, who has also done movies like ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Calendar Girls’, does not mince words when asked if the OTT projects are pushing in elements of intimate scenes and foul language often for just the heck of it. Adding his take on whether he’ll do a bold scene or not, Keith also does not shy away from admitting that if certain makers are choosing actors who have a large fan following on social media just to promote their creations, there’s nothing wrong in it as it’s purely for commerce.

Keith also talks about the marriage counselling session that he and his wife Rochelle Rao had during the lockdown. Did they have a rough patch in their marriage? Has the session in question worked? Find out by clicking on the video above, in case you still haven’t.

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