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punjab: Punjab: Former Union minister Balwant Singh Ramoowalia relaunches his Lok Bhalai Party | Ludhiana News



LUDHIANA: Former Union minister Balwant Singh Ramoowalia on Wednesday revived his Lok Bhalai Party and said that they have decided to take real issues of Punjab to the court of People.
Addressing the inaugural meeting of the party here, 78-year-old Ramoowalia said that in view of the forthcoming assembly elections, his party would play a vital role in bringing forward the “concerned” leaders of Punjab. He “lamented” that no political party was “concerned” about Punjab and the future of Punjabis and that one point program of the political elite has become to “seize” the power of the state.
Ramoowalia, who is an MLC from Uttar Pradesh and had been a cabinet minister in previous Samajwadi Party government, said that all the people in Punjab except the farmers’ organiaations have become so “indifferent and carefree” that Punjab is in turmoil and these people are cheering for those who are whitewashing the state. He alleged that Punjab’s youth has been “ruined” by drugs and their parents and relatives are cheering for the “perpetrators”.
Ramoowalia alleged that Badals and Amarinder have “handed” over Punjab’s sprawling youth to the “thug” travel agents and they (travel agents) have ruined them financially and physically and made them future beggars. He alleged that the smuggling of opium, alcohol and other narcotics was not stopped here but also the smuggling of sand started.
He said that the three agriculture laws which have ruined the green agriculture of Punjab were got passed by Badal and to get them scrapped seven hundred farmers have been martyred and this Kalank (stigma) will not go away from them.
Ramoowalia said that farmers are “our leader” and he will follow them. He added that he will not fight elections, but his party would tell voters whom not to vote.

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