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Kartik Naidu uplifts mankind through therapeutic tools and methods



Kartik Naidu is a Psychospiritual Therapist and an energy healer whose life mission is to empower people and facilitate a shift in the consciousness of humanity. Having been inclined towards spirituality from the age of 13 and having been trained on consciousness and psychospiritual development, Kartik knew this was his calling. He received training on eastern spiritual practices under his guru and practised it regularly. As a self-realised Himalayan yogi, he developed many tools and methods that can heal the human mind and transform their consciousness for a deeper experience of life and fulfillment.

Kartik Naidu believes in uplifting society to help mankind lead a quality life. He says, “Service to Mankind is service to God. The sole purpose of my life is to serve mankind and help them lead a better life.” He founded Green Aura Holistic, a community led by visionary trainers, who help individuals unfold their infinite potential within and accelerate human empowerment and evolution. Karthik also authored the book ‘The 4 % technique,’ which intends to guide the reader toward a life of fulfilment by introducing him or her to multiple necessary therapeutic, concepts and ideologies, Practices and frameworks. With storytelling and real-time client cases and application-oriented exercises; this book explains the established concepts and practices of spirituality, neuroscience, epigenetics and spiritual psychology and framework. The book in its all three volumes serves the reader as a complete self-help guide in their journey to transformation.

Kartik has conducted several workshops and worked with 100’s of people for over a decade. Besides he has also spoken at several conferences and was hugely lauded and interviewed. He is specialized in Past Life Regression – Pratiprasav Sadhna, Shree Vidya Sadhana /Advaita Vedanta – Non Duality, Trauma Healing, Past life regression, Healing Psychosomatic disorders, Pranayama (Holotropic Breathwork) that accesses altered states of consciousness, Chakra meditation & healing, a form of energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the body’s seven chakras, Behaviour Modification, Mind Engineering, Personal Mastery, Goal Setting and Achievement, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Some of his clients include HNIS, ULTRA HNIS, businessmen, industrialists, business women, actors and actresses, politicians, CEO’s and CFO’s middle and higher-level management of top organizations.

Having helped and healed thousands of people from all different walks of life, from celebrities, designers, industrialists to Corporate Ceos and many individuals in both charitable and professional capacity, Kartik envisions helping more and more people. To know more about Kartik, click

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