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Covid-19: 97,967 overdue for second dose of vaccination in Chandigarh | Chandigarh News



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CHANDIGARH: As the deaths occurring due to Covid-19 are of those who were not vaccinated, the Chandigarh health department released vaccination data of those overdue. Accordingly, 97,967 persons are overdue for the second dose of vaccination even after first dose taken 12 to 16 weeks ago.
A senior officer of the UT health departmentsaid during the review of vaccination, it has been observed that second dose of vaccination is overdue in 97,967 cases in UT Chandigarh. He said,“It has been advi- sed to such people to come forward andget the second dose to become safe from the virus. ”
He said out of these, 9,292 are due for the seconddose as 12 to 16 weeks have passed and 88,675 have already passed over 16 weeks since the first dose.
“There are more than 9,500 active Covid cases in the city. After a minor dip, the increasing trend in daily positive cases is back and hence we need to be very careful. Yesterday, there were two deaths in the UT Chandigarh and unfortunately both of them were unvaccinated,” said the health department officials.
The health department has deployed lot of its resources for early vaccination of the eligible persons in UT Chandigarh.
There is sufficient number of vaccines and there is no waiting time for getting the vaccination either for first dose or for second dose. All the citizens are requested to take both the doses. UT starts separate calling centre UT starts separate calling centre in Chandigarh Housing Board and each of the people is being separately contacted on the given mobile number and a drive has been undertaken to administer 2nd dose in all the above cases.
During last two days, about 20,000 telephone calls have been made. 65% of target children vaccinated
The vaccination of children between the age of 15 years and 18 years started from January 3 and so far UT has vaccinated about 65% of the targeted population (72,000). But according to officials, it is quite behind because many states and UTs have covered more than 90% of the targeted.


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