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Chandigarh administration okays adoption of Model Tenancy Act | Chandigarh News



CHANDIGARH: The UT administration has okayed the adoption of Model Tenancy Act approved by the Union cabinet in June this year.
UT adviser Dharam Pal said that they have considered all objections and suggestions, and the file will soon be sent to UT administrator Banwarilal Purohit for final approval. The UT will then issue a final notification, he said.

The administration has started the process to implement Model Tenancy Act in October 2020. The administration had sought objections and suggestions from the public on the draft of the Act.
With the implementation of the Act, a rent authority will be established for regulating renting out of premises and to balance interests of owner and tenant by establishing adjudicating mechanism for speedy dispute redressal. A rent court and a tribunal will be set up to hear appeals and related matters.
The rent authority will have exclusive jurisdiction over tenancy issues. All rent agreements will have to be submitted to it. The landowner and the tenant will have to separately file particulars within a month of signing the agreement. At present, these can be registered at the subregistrar’s office.
In 2019, the administration had sent the Centre’s Model Tenancy Act, 2019, and the draft of the Chandigarh Tenancy Act, 2019, to the ministry of home affairs to take the final call on the tenancy Act to be implemented in the city. In June 2019, the UT had prepared a draft of the Tenancy Act based on the Centre’s Model Tenancy Act, 2015. But the Centre proposed a new Model Tenancy Act in August 2019.

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