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23% Haryana women had ‘underage marriage’ | Chandigarh News



CHANDIGARH: Despite having excelled in the field of information and technology and ITenabled services, Haryana is yet to see an end to child marriages as 23.3% women and 17.7% of sample part were found to have got married before the legal marriage age, a report of National Family Health Survey-5 2019-21 has revealed.
Though this percentage is less than the survey ending the year 2019, but has certainly raised eyebrows. As compared to men, more rural women got married while they were under-aged.
Similarly, the survey has indicated an increase in female to male sex ratio in the state.
In what appears to be more alarming situation, the fertility rate among women in the age group of 15 to 19 years, who were already mothers or pregnant at the time of the survey was 6.8.
On the health front, the number of overweight women and men has increased as compared to the survey report of 2019. Similarly, on the female to male sex ratio, the number has improved to 926 against 876 recorded in the last survey.
There has been an increase in the number of female attending schools than the number of males in the state above the age of six years.
According to survey report, there has been a decline of 1% in the neonatal fatality rate while the infant mortality rate and under five mortality rate has shown an increase of 33.3% and 38.7%, respectively.
On the issue of family planning, Haryana has seen an increase in the usage of family planning measures. More women (33.2%) have opted for sterilization as compared to the men (0.9%).
There has been a considerable increase in the participation of married women in the discussions on important affairs of the family. According to report, 87.5% women were found to have been involved in family discussion against the reported figure of 76.7% reported in the last survey.
Similarly, there had been drastic increase in the number of women handling their bank accounts independently. According to report, the percentage of such women has increased to 76.7% in this survey from 45.6% recorded in the last survey.

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