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Writing is like meditation. I’m in a different world when I’m writing- Pratibha Malav



Author of two bestselling books, Pratibha Malav has chosen writing as a source of relaxation and meditation. Writing for her is a process of personal change as it connects every individual to the inner world of meaning. Writing is a practice of being fully present in the moment with awareness, allowing the words to flow without judgment and censoring. In the following article, let’s learn more about Pratibha.

Q. So, Miss Malav, tell us something about yourself that the world is unaware of?

Pratibha- The most difficult question! I’m the most careless person you’ll ever come across.

Q. What have you done professionally?

Pratibha- I have pursued my Bachelors of Science from Jaipur. While studying undergrad, I released my first book. Now, I’ve been pursuing MBA from KJSIM, Mumbai, and working on my third book side-by-side.

Q. When did you first consider yourself as a writer?

Pratibha- Everyone is a writer. It’s just a manipulative game of ISBN numbers.

Q. How many books have you authored?

Pratibha- Till now I’ve launched two full-length novels and contributed to an anthology. Both my novels are a part of the series which revolve around a female photographer.

Q. Are you writing a third part or a third book?

Pratibha- I’m not writing the next part in the series, but yes, I’m working on a third book.

Q. How supportive was your family when you decided to publish your first book?

Pratibha- My parents weren’t supportive, but they weren’t against my writing as well. They wanted me to finish college, take a nice job, settle in life and then publish as many books as I wanted. I didn’t want a planned life. So, I anyway launched my first book. My parents learned about it after two months. They didn’t say anything, but deep down I knew they were proud of me.

Q. Have you ever been upset when your books don’t perform well or when you receive negative reviews?

Pratibha- Honestly, no! Because I never keep my expectations high. About getting negative reviews, this thing used to bother me a lot, but then as a reader, I realized that my readers invest their time and money in reading my books. They’ve every right to criticize my work. Having said that, their criticism helps me to write a better piece of literature.

Q. Who is your favorite author?

Pratibha- I can’t name one because there have been many. But, I think I have been most influenced by Sophie Kinsella, Arvind Adiga, Kirsty Moseley, Vikram Seth, and Gillian Flynn. These authors not only fascinate me but also introduces me to a world that exists within you as a reader.

Q. As an author, do you feel you’re competing with other authors?

Pratibha- There are just too many books in the market. Readers are free to pick any author they want to read. If you want to sell your book on a greater level, market it that way. If you want to make a permanent place in the heart of your readers, write something exceptional. At the end of the day, an author is known for his/her words, not by his/her name.

Q. Now that books are available on digital platforms, what do you think will happen to these printed books?

Pratibha- Call me old-fashioned, but paperbacks give me kicks. There’s nothing like a paperback in hands, the smell, the feel, reading it while sitting on a bean bag and sipping coffee. I can’t speak of other readers. Ever since the pandemic hit us, readers shifted their focus toward ebooks. Even I myself read half of the books on Kindle, Juggernaut, and Google Books. But, I would love to believe that paperbacks will exist and readers will be excited again to visit crosswords.

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