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Vidya Sagar Satyadev Thakur Turns 53.



Vidya Sagar Satyadev Thakur today celebrates his 53rd birthday and on this occasion, we wish him a very happy birthday and all the happiness and prosperity in the upcoming years.

Vidyasagar Thakur was born on 11th March 1970 to Shivkumari Thakur and Satyadev Thakur on the pious land of Siwan located in Bihar. During his early childhood days as shared by his family he was an energetic kid and was always ready to take up any task and the habit still continues. After completing his Higher Senior Secondary Education, he opted for ITI and underwent the training for a fitter. Among his various achievement the one that stands out is of the year 2002 when he represented India at an international stage in Dubai, UAE.

He has worked internationally and has been recognised multiple times for his commendable works, in 2002 he was awarded Safety Award internationally and he has been awarded with the safety award three times nationally.

Professionally, he holds a rock-solid experience of working in the Gulf Countries where he has worked a piping supervisor in leading factories and outlets. His working experience includes working at Saudi AYTB LTD., Dangote Power Plant in Nigeria, included in projects with Gulf Cement Company. Apart from this he has also worked at copper plants in the Gulf. Not only he has worked in the Gulf countries but in India also he has worked with various reputed firms that includes Newton Engineering & Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd, Sulzer Pvt. Ltd. I.O.C.L. Bajwa Refinery.

On occasion of his birthday his family extends him heartfelt wishes and bless him with smiles and love. His parent’s, Mr Satyadev Thakur and Mrs Shivkumari Thakur says, “He has always been a cheerful person whosoever is around him he or she cannot be bothered by boredom or sadness. He is a cheerful soul and, on his birthday, we wish him loads of success and bless him. May he keep smiling forever.”

Born in 70’s Mr Vidyasagar has always worked hard and the spirit to work hard and the never-giving up attitude that he bears has always reaped benefits for him in a tremendous way. A son, brother, husband and a dad Mr Vidyasagar has always held his head high living with pride and peace.

His son, Prince Suraj share that, “He has raised us very well. When we were kids he was our role model and he still is. He has taught us to keep fighting and never give up.”

His son, Prince Suraj writes him a wish, he shares, “Papa, has been a constant support for us. He has never stopped us from following our passion or what we like doing. I wish him a very happy birthday and thank him for all the things that he did for us. Happiest Birthday to you.”

Anuj Thakur, his other son wishes him with a lovely message, he writes, “He (Mr Vidyasagar) has done everything for us, he provided us with everything when we children and today also if we ask for something he never denies. A beautiful soul. I wish him a very happy birthday from the core of my heart. May he shine brighter than a star.”

His wife, Mrs Geeta Vidyasagar Thakur wishes her partner a very happy birthday and a long life, she writes, “He (Mr Vidyasagar) is a loving soul, he loves to help people and has been doing so without anything in return. Happy Birthday to the most amazing person.”

During his tenure in Dubai, he represented India at various stages on different occasions. With over 28 years of experience in Gulf countries he helps individuals who are looking for guidance and besides this he always helps those in need.

We extend our wishes to such a beautiful person.

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