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Top 5 Anthology Compilers and their Unique Books




Vikas Soni S/O Mr. Ashok Kumar Soni, belongs to Naraini a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Currently pursuing his BA in history and political science from Bundelkhand University. He started as co-author now a published Writer and Compiler. Also, Working as HR Manager under UNVOICED HEART PUBLICATION. To reach him you can contact him on his personal instagram handle @_vikassoni


About the Book

Check & mate is an classic anthology, based on the characters of chess.

This anthology is completed in existence of 16 ink-slingers who played with their words & wrote about the chosen character of chess.

The 16 writers of the anthology are mentioned below with the characters they have written about:

Mita das, Veena, Disha Singh, Diksha, Vartika Mishra, Aashna Chawla, Sharmishtha and Vinita. The mentioned 8 writers, wrote about the role of PAWN.

Aastha and Shebi spilled their words about the charter KNIGHT.

Ayush and Ameera as BISHOP.

Urooj and Abhilasha as ROOK.

And off course the compilers as king & queen:

Alfesha as QUEEN & Vikas as KING.


Mrs. Anuradha Bansal, belongs to Roorkee a small town of Uttarakhand. Completed her senior secondary and want to explore more in the field of science. She loves spending time with herself and read books in her free time. She also loves music, studying and playing games. She started as co-author now a published Writer and Compiler. To reach her you can contact her on her personal instagram handle @janvi_bansal_07.

About the Book

Snowy evening is an anthology based on snowy evening & the love of snow, 50+ writers have penned down their words on the evenings of winters & its feel.

The book indulges you in a fantabulous feeling of dark evenings with their beautiful thoughts.

Happy Reading!


I am Abhilasha Tiwari , belongs to Aurangbad Maharashtra. 3rd Year student of Bsc Agriculture in MGM Nanasahebkadam college of Agriculture Aurangbad.

Co author of 25+ Anthologies.  Compiler of 2 Anthologies.  Winner at open mic competitions, Poetry Competition. Got SHE AWARD 2021 , Kalam Ratna award,  featured in daily hunt.  Magazine featured by Entrepreneur Magazine.  Work as Handwriting competition head. Wanna be Good and helpful Human being in Future .

Insta handle _awriterbyheart_

About the Book

” THE SISTERDA ” was Compiled by Abhilasha Uday Tiwari. The concept behind the  book was all about the sisterhood. Sister who keeps your all secrets in her pocket, despites of all fights love you unconditionally and supports you at worst until you achieve the best. Live without her support system is dim and dull. She is the one who makes life more colourful, loveable, liveable and enjoyable. Her love can’t be measured but it’s the most precious thing in the world. Sister and her love is the best gift of the Almighty. May each one of us get the blessings of sister.

It is a collection of poems, Short Stories, Quotes and articles by talented 26 co authors. It’s dream for me and it’s possible just because of my parents friends and family


Harkirat Singh is a sixteen year old passionate boy, residing in Punjab who loves to read and pen everything that he likes while helping the people in need simultaneously. He aspires to bring happiness into people’s lives with his initiatives. He always lives in present and wants to traverse his existence by his own principles. This writer wants to make a place where individuals don’t judge anyone at any aspect at anytime. He is a compiler of 10 books, a cooperative co author for more than 10 books and a project head of 8 books which led him to the position of management head in Wordsgenix publication with his hardwork and dedication to his work. He compiled a book titled ‘The flying world’ in 22 days within a very short span of time in the publication industry. He has inscribed a solo book which would be available to the public shortly.

Follow him on Instagram: amiable_soul19092

About the Book

*The Flying World* is an Anthology book compiled by Sneha and Harkirat this book is contributed  by 38 different writers from different places.This book contains stuffs like adventurous stories, some melodies poetries, Some wonderful articles and many other valuable writeupswhichare inked in this book by our talented co-author and compilers   +  the compilers have set a record and complete it within just 22 days


Amie Madekar belongs to land of famous oranges in India, that’s orange city. Once a central province of India now a second capital of Maharashtra. She wrote her first poem in class 7 and after that she never looked back. Her passion for poetry and literature have grown over years . Despite being from Science background her love for English literature never faded. So have her writing skills gained maturity with time.She have pursued M.Sc in biochemistry and is currently pursuing Bachelor of Education. She want to pursue PhD in neuroscience. Most of her poems are based on real life experiences which will resonate your heart with her words.To read more of her poems you can follow her on instagramhandle@amiemadekar

About the book

Name of book – Inking Unexpressed Emotions

This book contains emotions attached with father or fatherhood which are unexpressed mostly. Love for father is less expressed in our society everyone talks about mother.With this book I also want to break the stereotype that men are not emotional or they cannot cry.

Crying is not a symbol of weakness it’s a symbol of being human being expressive. It is a book dedicated to my late father Dr.Purushottam Madekar,which I wanted to be special so to add uniqueness to my work I thought why not peoplefrom different walks of Life should be given platform to express themselves and utilize their ample of free time awarded by default of lockdown.

So a small tribute to all father’s out their and also to the men who are into the phase of fatherhood along with men who in future expected to be father.

It is a collection of poems, short stories and articles by talented 32 co -authors. Hope this emotions touch your heart and will have imprints of it.

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