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Three most trusted book reviewers of India




Njkinny is an eclectic reader with more than 1000 reviews to her name. A Top rated Indian book blogger on Goodreads, Netgalley and Amazon, she has over 9 years of experience as a Blogger, Books Promoter and Freelance Content Writer. Associated with multiple National and International Publishing Houses and Authors as a Reviewer and PR, she passionately and frankly talks books on her blog, Njkinny’s Blog and on her social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Her reviews are frequently featured on Google and are critically helpful to the readers and authors.
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Kanchan Singh
Kanchan Singh is an avid reader, book reviewer, content creator, and health and lifestyle blogger. You can usually find her reading a book. She is an Entomologist by profession and a dreamer by a soul who lives her dream through books. She owns 500 plus books in her home. She loves reading thrillers, she believes that it provides a mental workout and stimulates many areas of the brain, and this genre revolves around human values and helps to examine and build values.When not absorbed in the pages, Kanchan loves cooking, sketching, and enjoy solo traveling. She lives in Uttarakhand, with her husband and extended family. You can connect with her on Instagram she runs an Instagram page dedicated to books and lifestyle @food_and_book_nook. you will find book recommendations, book discussions, healthy recipes, and daily workout plans.

Amrita Singh
Amrita is an avid bibliomaniac, book reviewer, compiler, and nano influencer. She reviewed 100+ books within a shorter time. She is working on Content Creation, PR, Strategy, and Campaign management. Holds A Master Degree In English Literature. Her writing was published in the national level magazine. She loved Writing and Expressing her thoughts through poetry and quotesShe fetched a chance to become a co-author of the anthology book and working on few anthologies, She is also a published writer. Winner, of the title future star in the category of the best book reviewer organized by Cherry Book Awards. Also, obtain the Achievers Award of the year 2021 in the category Poet, Writer, Book Reviewer.You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @amanyaprism.
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