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Nabhi Sutra brought back traditional healing techniques to life



Tough times of life give birth to innovations and thus change the face of the society. A
strong believer in home remedies, Swati often found herself drawn towards ancient
science, Ayurveda. She knew that precautionary measures to lead a healthy life were
important for herself and her infant, and this compassion for healing led her to form
Nabhi Sutra.
Swati has a will to make a difference through her entrepreneurial skills. She knew the
importance of problem-solving and by creating Nabhi Sutra, she ventured upon yet
another issue that needed attention: holistic health. In this information-loaded age, it is
difficult to differentiate between the good and bad. And when you have a child to take
care of, every scary fact gets to you. In order to address problems that she and her child
faced, Swati came up with a solution for everyone.
In the initial two years, Kids have very low immunity and their body is in the process of
building immunity. Initially, kids come in contact with a lot of viruses, germs, and other
organisms thus causing them to combat various infections and diseases. Cold and flu
are the prime recurring problems faced by kids. Owing to this, it became essential for
me to come up with a precise solution for issues like cough, cold, immunity building,
brain development and more.
During her phase of motherhood and breastfeeding,Swati too faced a few health issues
and the major one being hair fall. While she was in the process of treating her hair
fall,she was introduced to the concept of Ayurvedic treatment. Since she has always
been a believer in home remedies and opt for natural products over other products,she
was amazed to see the benefits of Ayurveda.
Started in the year 2019, Nabhi Sutra came up with several verticals such as Nuskha :
From Granny’s Diary and also Ayurvedic and natural products for the wellness and
beauty industry.They started their brand with 5,00,000 INR only and reached 1 Cr.
within a year. With their second brand anniversary, the company is expecting 70-80%
growth. Currently, they could serve more than 65000 people so far and counting.
Swati’s cousin, Dr Nikunj Mewada, an MD in Ayurveda helped her to understand
Ayurveda better and acquire in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and
formulations. What she didn’t know was that by creating Nabhi Sutra, she was also
capturing magic in a bottle for persistent health issues. She believes that our saints
were scientists and they have created amazing healing methods which people have
passed on from generations. At Nabhi Sutra, they wish to improvise and modernise
those healing methods in a user friendly way. Ayurveda is a service to humanity and
with Nabhi Sutra we feel herbs are used as life can pass on life to us, even if it’s for skin
care, hair care or any other aspect. These products are used to solve our daily issues.
Talking about the uniqueness in their services, Swati says that being India’s first
ayurvedic belly button oil brand, trying to make people aware about the forgotten age
old practices which are natural, safe and effective is an incredible experience in itself.
Moreover, plastic packaging solutions are not used at Nabhi Sutra, therefore, it supports
eco-friendly and natural options for people to have a clean environment in the long run.
It has been two years of their journey and today Nabhi Sutra is a pioneer in wellness via
belly button oils in India. Their products are gaining popularity with amazing testimonials
to their credit. Mr.Sreeram S , a 58 years old sports enthusiast, used the services for
his knee and joint pain at Nabhi Sutra and his appreciations made it highly
recommended in his connections. He says , “I am using Nabhi Sutra as an alternative to
my knee & joint pain. I also use Daily Digestion Dose overnight before I sleep. It is
working amazingly and it is just 15 days, it is getting better and better! Thank you.”
E- commerce websites such as amazon and flipkart.are providing best seller reviews for
their products. The products are also available on their website
Currently, Nabhi Sutra has about 75000+ users and they are increasing day by day.
You can read more at and reach out to the wide range of products and services @
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