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How to recover from post covid effects



Nutrition is a very important part of recovery from COVID-19. Today we will get to know that that how to recover from post-Covid effects From Dietitian Pratik singh who has been helping his clients in controlling/ reversing as well as curing medical conditions like PCOD/ PCOS, thyroid issues, high/low blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Nerve damage etc with his knowledge by providing them the perfect Diet plans.

What Dietitian Pratik says:

Dieititian Pratik says that After recovering from covid people are generally facing multiple issues like getting tired quickly or feeling weak and fatigued, people are complaining of not being able to do even their chores and their professional work as well. lethargy is common in these people and in few cases, there’s post covid arthritis and joints pain as well.

Research and science has proven that Diet is the most important aspect in the functioning of human body. all of your organs are totally dependent on nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, carbs , water and it’s very important to provide all the nutrients to your system.

Dietitian Pratik singh’s Solution to Post covid issues:

As per dietitian Pratik’s advice,

1: people should eat more green veggies

2: intake of fruits before lunchtime as a mid-morning snack

3: take necessary lentils and legumes like Dal, rajma , chhole

4: nuts and seeds like almonds walnuts cashews pasta , pumpkin seeds , sunflower seeds

5: Drinks- green tea, veggies soups

1 glass of beetroot juice will help your lungs a lot

Also, Add a multivitamin supplement after breakfast and these food lists will surely help you to make you stronger after covid effect.


And if you have joints pain issues then you have to avoid dairy completely and replace it with soy milk/ almonds milk/ tofu.

If you have lost weight rapidly because of covid then add a protein supplement and take it empty stomach in morning or after evening jog of 20 minutes

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