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Brandstudio Girl from Bhubaneswar Gajala Yasmin compiles Record Anthology “आलम” Brandstudio –



Woman Power is one of the vital force in this universe. Patience, sacrifices, and lots of dedication are the few attributes of it. Many assumptions are also there on this but Miss Gajala Yasmin has done something really remarkable as she has compiled an anthology with name “आलम” with the contribution of 150+ National and international writers. “आलम” means Universe. It’s basically based on theme “Feelings for Someone”. Science has proven what mystics have been saying for thousands of years. We are not separate, individual beings; rather we are truly all connected. It doesn’t matter what we have accomplished, what recognition we have received, what we own, there is nothing as sweet as loving–not necessarily being loved–but just loving. The more we love–the more people, the more manifestations of life we love–the richer we are. Nothing is more beautiful or more sacred than the impulse of love we feel for a friend, a child, a parent, a partner. Nothing would be sweeter than to be able to love everywhere and always. This book is also a record anthology recorded by Forever Star World Book of Records under category “Special Largest Anthology” with theme “Feelings For Someone” and published under ISBN 9798547470462.

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