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Brandstudio Actor Producer Dxx talks about self-growth & experiences of being newcomer Film and tv –



To make a mark and survive in the acting and entertainment industry is not easy. It requires immense hard work and effort. This hard work gets doubled when someone without any connections or contacts in the industry desires to be a part of this industry. Though many actors complain about it, many actors feel that this is a natural process and just a part of how the system works. The second set of actors perceive this more as a challenge to work hard on their abilities.
One such example is the emerging actor and Youtuber Producer Dxx who graduated from Nehru Memorial College, Mansa. He feels that having a contact may give an actor the first opportunity but to sustain in the industry he would need many such opportunities, which can only arise from good work. Success and failure both depend on the hands of a particular individual. Producer Dxx feels that it is tough either way so it is necessary to have a plan and implement that plan in the journey of life. Nothing should be short-termed as short-lived items are like bubbles that burst after a little while.

For the last few days, Producer Dxx has also been seen doing a lot of social services, he has been seen helping a lot at his level to all the needy people associated with him. He gave employment to over 10 to 12 persons through Youtube. He has shown this and has given this message to his followers that in situations like Corona, capable people should go ahead and help.

Producer Dxx got first fame after he uploaded a video on his Youtube channel namely ‘Jhona Officer Kutapa’ which was in support of farmers. Meanwhile, the video went viral and was also appreciated by farmers. Today, Producer Dxx is a national icon and motivates the youth of India, mainly Punjab.

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