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Cricketkeeda. is India’s faster-growing Social Media Handle and Website for the Latest Cricketing Trends and Updates. We cover Cricket across the Globe through our Website and other Social Media Handles (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Apart from the Cricketing Updates, we also bring some Interviews with the International Cricketers and Officials every month.

Founder and CEO: Devansh Awasthi

How did it start?

Journey of “Cricketkeeda”: The journey for the love of Cricket started back in 2003 when the ICC World Cup 2003 was on, and everyone was so excited. A nine-year-old me fell in love with the game and after that hardly missed watching any game, be it anywhere across the Globe. Though I got scolded a lot (laughing), no one can separate you from a thing that is close to your heart and emotions.

Career and Passion both? How can it be done simultaneously?

The Early Phase

Lucknow is a city of good seasons and joy. Back in the early 2000s, every ‘gully’ had a good playing XI(laughing). Although being upper average in studies was a good thing that kept my parents quite satisfied, becoming a Cricketer was too much to ask for concerning parental permissions.

Few good marks in my 8th Standard paved the way for my admission to the Cricket Academy, where I observed how different a ‘Gully-Cricket’ to ‘Professional Cricket.’ I started playing the game professionally and played for a few local clubs, namely Gulmohar Cricket Academy and Nawabs Cricket Academy, to be a cricketer. The journey to becoming a cricketer was smooth until my summer vacation ended and the Half-Yearly Exams Scheme was announced. The pressure for studies was way too high, and I decided that it won’t be very much possible to continue these regular practice sessions.

In the end, I used to do practice alone at my home or probably with my brother with the hard plastic ball on short-pitch so that I can play few professional matches for my clubs. That worked, and I played some district-level tournaments. But it was very much evident in my mind that I am playing for the sake of my love and passion and not for the professional purpose.

The Quite-Middle Phase

Back in 2012, I completed my school education, and now I just used to watch Cricket but becoming a Cricketer was entirely out of my mind. I took admission as a B.Tech student in a reputed Engineering College in Lucknow.

The Late Phase

Back in 2016, Engineering was done, and I joined a company but taught me to give the one last chance to get associated with Cricket. I was looking to pursue a Cricket Writing and Analysis; I found that everyone looked for an experienced candidate and didn’t have any such experience. To create some experience for me, I decided to make my page and started writing blogs on WordPress, but that was not worthy enough to get a full-time job as a Cricket Writer or Journalist.

On 9th April 2016, I created a Facebook page named Cricketkeeda (now Cricketkeeda India). It went well, and I got much appreciation for my blog posts and opinions on the page. So I also started my YouTube channel that was a significant hit, and Cricketkeeda India now has more than 25,000+ active subscribers. This response gave me the boost to develop our Website domain (, which has around 30,000+ visitors monthly. Later on, with the growing culture of Instagram, we created our Instagram Handle, which currently has 23k+ Active Followers. Also Now, been working as a Software Engineer in a German-based MNC Nagarro. Before that worked with Wipro and HCL.

Apart from this, I got appreciation from many International Cricketers worldwide and hosted their interviews on my Instagram LIVEs. Currently, Cricketkeeda India is known to many and is increasing on a high note. People love the analytics I share on my YouTube Channel. On the website, I daily try to publish unique articles on Cricket, which may be the reason for this overwhelming response—looking forward to developing the most fantastic app for Cricket overs in the coming time(maybe a year). Cricketkeeda India has vast support from former International Cricketers as they keep guiding their rich experience in terms of Cricket they had played across the Globe. Cricketkeeda LIVE has been a massive hit till now, started last year in Lockdown, where the LIVE was hosted with as many as more than 25 International Cricketers and Cricket Administrators.

List of Cricketers Interview I had hosted on my Instagram LIVE with their YouTube Links

– Sreesanth (

– Kirti Azad (

– Deep Dasgupta (

– Nathan Hauritz (

– Karn Sharma (

– Dave Cameron(

– Roland Butcher(

-Kobus Olivier(

-Pavel Florin(

-Smit Patel(

-Parvinder Singh(

-Ajay Kumar Reddy[Indian Blind Team Captain](

-Siddharth Trivedi(

-Simon Willis(

Analyzing the hot topics of Cricket is something that I live the most on my Channel, and I give my opinion.

How good is Cricketkeeda in Cricket Analysis?

Cricket Analysis comes naturally to me, and I watched Cricket closely, so my understanding of the game is on different levels.

I am attaching few links to my Videos Here :

§ How to Beat Mumbai Indians?


§ How India can win ICC Tournaments after the failure of ICC WTC Final


§ What’s wrong with Sri Lankan Cricket? 


The list is long. You can visit our YouTube Channel for all such stuff.

Well, to get in touch with me you click on the following links -:


About Devansh Awasthi 

Founder & CEO A Network analyst with an MNC started it all in the summers of 2016 & just to propagate the game of Cricket. His passion for Cricket is not hidden only from those knowing him personally but also virtually. His love for the game started from Gullies of Lucknow and wishes to see a future of it in an Office of Cricket Keeda. He brings to the brand the experience and knowledge of Cricket, a person who knows everything about every game ever played in the history of Cricket. Ping him on Social Media or mail at for anything postfix Cricket.

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