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“The best Poems you will come across in 2021, by Shaaz.”



A maker of verses, Shazan Siddiqui, is not just a writer. His words are gifted with a poetic thought, imagination and creation, together with the eloquence of expressions. Popularly known as Shaaz on Instagram, he chose this medium to express his feelings in the form of poems, which evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of his thoughts and feelings and some emotional responses through his expressive language blended with sound and rhythm.
Professionally, Shazan is a branding and advertising expert, and he writes poetry for the soul. Shazan is a bundle of talent with magic in his pen. He has performed on quite a few platforms, mainly in the spoken fest. His Instagram page ‘thesouluntold’ is particularly about writing dark stories in the form of poetry with an exceptional interest in dark things. He believes that words are best when they are raw. Putting up emotions with words attracts him the most. His poems are so powerful that the ideas and feelings, especially the compactness of each poem’s expressions, take one to another world. His poetry certainly gives a new way of thinking and a new understanding that blossoms an excellent essence for developing oneself.
There are hundreds of reasons why you should add some of his poetry to your reading list. Here are some of the pieces that he penned down on his official Instagram page.
“You don’t belong in the dark zone of emptiness,
Tortured day in and day out by vivid thoughts,
But you are still here.
Here in my thoughts, my songs, my poetry,
And that so called heart and soul.”
By design, his poetry is broken into short but strategic sentences that make one understand the significance of every single word and its placement. Diving deep into the feelings and emotions after each word helps one know what they wanted to feel and resonate long after reading.
Here’s to another great piece from his diary.
“And today marks the end of travelling on the same boat,
Leaving it wrecked, and finding themselves stranded in anonymity but
Still together, forlorn than ever before”
With the above poetry, the poet tried to explain that the speaker was happy today but poised out, holding himself, managing to crack that fake smile. The reason being that he had died way before all of this was even planned. His soul left the body to leave his life astray, struggling to find himself. And today marks the end of travelling on the same boat, leaving it wrecked and finding themselves stranded in anonymity but still together, forlorn than ever before.
Shaaz’s Poetry makes you think, empathise and puts a spotlight on the fact behind the words. It gives you an insight into yourself that you might not have ever acknowledged but always wanted to understand, and his poetry gives you that power to recognise as well as understand. His poetry teaches all how to live by offering all a way to empathise with one another.
Reading and writing is a creature comfort. Shazan urges everyone to take this benefit into rebuilding and forging a more connected and caring world. Ending with another great poetry of his that reveals an understanding, and the deep meaning can be felt in details, an immediate path of tearing up with each other. Life is an amalgamation of grief, pain, joy or happiness, and despite all such difference, we must keep going……
“She is not a formula that I can own,
Neither a feeling that can be thrown.
She is a habit that can’t be a grown,
And now a love that can’t be shown.”

You must stop by and explore Shazan’s Instapage @thesouluntold and dive deep into a world of raw emotions and Show some love!

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