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Nihshank and Archie, the founders of Gambit Enclave, open the floor for nominations of best achievers category award for 2021.



Gambit Enclave has opened up nominations for the best achievers category as part of its mission to recognise emerging talent across Asia. “The Gambit Enclave is not just a destination,” said Nihshank Upadhyay, the founder of the solution-driven ecosystem. It’s going to be a long journey. One that assists you in moving forward in life. We help you in enjoying the journey of life while striving for greatness. The organization’s basic ideas include talent development, recognition of deserving individuals, and extensive networking. We can finally claim that the revolution has arrived because we have a sustainable body with the law in its thoughts and justice in its soul! Thrilled to introduce India’s 1st Sustainable and Solution-Driven Eco System.” Nihshank also shared that he was happy to receive his sister’s support for the project. Archie Upadhyay an aspiring social media influencer and blogger, is also the manager for Gambit Enclave. She shared that Gambit Enclave is a tangible culmination of strong ethics, humanity, communication, and excellence. If one gets up in the morning and thinks the future is going to be better, they are at the right place. Bringing to the table, what the world needs the most- recognition to the deserving, voice to the unheard. Nihshank, a child prodigy from India, has often been seen crediting his family for the wholesome support they have shown in his ideas and belief.

Nihshank shared an important note, on behalf of the company which should be kept in mind for people applying for the awards. The note states” By filling in the form for best achievers, you are nominating yourself for the achievers of the year category. We might receive thousands of applications but as of now, only 200 people across Asia will be selected for the awards. Before your selection, we will be taking a look at your achievements, and conducting jury rounds. After a fair and reasonable comparison amongst the applicants, we will be releasing a list or notifying you about your selection. The nomination fees for the awards are @699 Indian Rupees and shall be non-refundable upon your selection for the awards. The decision of the founders shall be binding. Kindly crosscheck and fill in only the correct details. We shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience resulting from the incorrect information entered in the forms. The cost of further services after your selection will be done via email. 

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