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Learn LinkedIn Mantras -Vivek Trivedi (Author,Entrepreneur with 30K plus followers)



With 55 million footprints of world renowned companies and a rise of content curation by 60% in the last one year, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for working professionals and B2B enterprises. And nearly 15% of all LinkedIn users are senior level Influencers because of my presence on LinkedIn and my book, The LinkedIn Mantra.

Having a good understanding of this social medium, I have started early in the social media game and created impact. I would like to give you a few self-learned tips on how anyone can look to maximize their LinkedIn presence. I started my journey as a Talent Acquisition professional, I was very eager to know how to attract passive talents and I was always on the lookout for non-traditional ways to support and attract the non-active job seekers talent pool.

I was fortunate enough to receive great responses not only from the job seeker but also from the working HR professionals. I started with a series called TALKS (Talent Acquisition Lessons and Knowledge Sharing) which was well received by the audience and this propelled me to continue my journey on LinkedIn which is one of the rare platforms where the top professionals across the globe share their knowledge and experience.

My personal suggestion and strategies to build a presence on LinkedIn is by following the 3C mantra. The 3Cs, say Consistency, Content, and Connect, which are the best strategies for building a powerful network using LinkedIn.

Consistency in posting the contents either daily or on alternative days would be the best way that depends on your domain and objective. There should be regularity in posting. So that the followers can get inputs on a regular basis and keep informed about your new posting on LinkedIn.

Next is the Content, which should be an updated one. Also fresh, informative, and error-free content should very much benefit the target audience and are most welcomed. Even small 200-300 word posts, long form posts, Polls, Kudos, Comments and Shares all are very equally important to spread your horizon.

Final C is Connect, if any content which is fulfilling these categories are liked by the followers and this helps you generate the first degree of followers who promote and communicate your message to their network, thus helping to connect one with the same communities and people looking forward to taking support through your content. The LinkedIn algorithm keeps close watch on the content you like, comment and share along with your connections who consistently engage with content you publish.

My suggestions for Job Seekers are: As every 20 seconds one hiring is done through LinkedIn. This is why LinkedIn is objectively used for job search and no other social media platform is as effective as LinkedIn for passive job seekers. To summarize, tips for job seekers are: Have a complete profile of about 2000 words, Highlight the accomplishment in your profile, Highlight the awards/achievements/accolades in the featured column of LinkedIn, Connect with a functional expert in your niche and Follow them regularly to upkeep your knowledge base.

My tips for Sales Professionals are: LinkedIn helps you in developing a one-on-one connection. No other social network related to professional networking is structured like this. It is very important that any sales professional should hit the right person in any organization. That person should have three features like money, authority, and need, i.e., who is the decision-maker of that organization. This will promote the B2B sales generation or at least nurture. Not only now but also for the long run because a business needs connection or lead to generate for its growth. Once you are connected, you are connected forever.

LinkedIn has a paid feature sales navigator tool that connects to Brand B2B sales and marketing. Summarising, identify the right person who is in need and decision-makers. Be always towards the point and look forward to developing a long-term association compared to the myopic approach for prospects. Next set of Mantra is for everyone.

Complete: Present your profile with all your basic details and ensure that all the details are completely said. When a recruiter checks your profile, the necessary details should not be with any discrete information.

Create: Create good connections, i.e., people who immediately respond to your postings – like, share and comment. In other words, your top sincere followers and positive-minded ones.

Content Calendar: Have a content calendar, i.e., be always ready with your updated content to post in accord with your schedule. So that your followers are always triggered by getting notifications to check out the updates.

Consistency: Keep consistency in keywords and #tags that you use. So that your followers won’t miss you if they are connecting with you after a while.

Compliment: Respond to similar people. Compliment your influencers by liking, sharing, and commenting on their postings and get similar responses from them to your postings also. This mutual action leads your profile to reach the top category recruiters or top talented candidates, either way.

Don’t ignore – You ignore LinkedIn at your own peril, you will never know if you are losing job opportunities, business opportunities and the connections which may help you to increase your future foothold, if you do not have strong LinkedIn profile and content plan in place, if you are still on fence, search for a few of your nearby connects and you will find them easily on LinkedIn and also the activities by them. By following my little tips and mantras mentioned in the article, you can ace LinkedIn like a pro but execution is the key.

“My personal experience says that if you have niche clarity, content calendar ready and engaging content, your LinkedIn success is unstoppable”

By Vivek Trivedi

Global Coach, Entrepreneur and CEO –

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