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Newsnownation along with Griffin Publications released the book – ‘Crazy She Stupid I’ on 21 January 22, Friday, amidst an august gathering which included Chief Guest Prof (Dr) Santosh Kumar, Professor and Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies, ADAMAS UNIVERSITY, and Yogita Bhayana, Anti Rape Activist in India who heads PARI, an organization that seeks support for rape survivors, Mousumi K Sachdeva, Director Griffin Publication.

This book would make the readers sail through the ocean of school days. From strangers to friends and then following the destiny’s call would make the readers stick to this book. Giggles and tears, joy and despair, togetherness and helplessness reflected in the story would win the hearts of the readers. ‘Crazy She Stupid I’ is a debut novel by Prakash Kumar who is an actor and yoga instructor by profession.

Professor Dr Santosh Kumar appreciated the author’s effort to pen down his school memories and wished him to continue writing. Yogita Bhayana wished the author for the success of the book.

The book was released on the platform of Newsnownation where the author was interviewed by the moderator of the event. Prakash Kumar shared that his passion for writing and his school memories, still close to him, led him to write this book. Although he had never thought of being an author, yet his pen finally earned him the title ‘Author Prakash Kumar’. He has no plans to write his next book too soon, but he would take time and think about his next project.

Griffin Publications thanked Newsnownation for giving space to Language, Literature and Creativity which definitely makes them stand unique.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and kindle.

The link to order the book is