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Is Niranjan Mudholkar the next Dan Brown?



When a new author is compared with the reigning master of a genre, it creates huge expectations. That’s exactly what is happening with Niranjan Mudholkar, whose debut novel in the historical fiction genre has readers drawing parallels between him and Dan Brown. Of course, it is still early but Niranjan Mudholkar’s novel ‘The Kingdom of God’ is already conquering new heights of achievement and popularity with each day! “Personally, I am a huge fan of Dan Brown and being compared to him is absolutely overwhelming. But honestly, I am creating my own style and it is nothing like Dan Brown’s! However, in all humility, I must also accept that getting compared to the master of the historical fiction genre is a huge compliment as well as a big responsibility,” says Niranjan Mudholkar when asked about the comparison.  The level of expectations has further gone up due to the fact that the author has also recently won the HBW News’ ‘Global Achievers Award 2021’ for achievement in literature for the ‘Best Debut Novel’.

One of the main reasons why he has been compared with Dan Brown is because of Niranjan Mudholkar’s ability to deftly blend history with fiction. ‘The Kingdom of God’ is a thrilling journey of an ancient box from Ayodhya that travels through centuries and cities. This interesting storyline is linked with a daughter’s search for her father in the modern times. Does she find him? And how is the ancient box related to her search? Niranjan Mudholkar’s debut novel answers these and many other questions quite convincingly as well as entertainingly. The narration is mesmerizingly gripping and is mixed with nail-biting twists and turns in each chapter. It is also commendable that while creating an enthralling story, Niranjan Mudholkar has developed characters that are completely believable! Indeed, one could find it difficult to believe that this is the debut novel of this author! Well, India seems to have found its worthy counterpart to Dan Brown!

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