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Interview with the multi-talented Author Sunayana Kayastha



1.How did your writing journey start?

It has been 11 years and everyday , and it is a halo shine. Since class 11 I had been writing in various facebook group pages. But no sooner, my write up was selected in a poetry of moon team who was publishing an international magazine named as  tinsrel. This led me to pen my outlet and I was no sooner back. I was approached for petrichor, to wisdom quote book and it is still passing the sunlight of writing journey.I began to write for various blogs and hindi poetry group and various kashmiri pakistani and indian writers lauded me and this diary of mine travelogue continues with 20 plus anthologies as a coauthor. Nojoto, your quote, writco had been my favorite platform where I outlet my passion. Raindrop Company, Fuzia, Mood space, and other various 8 plus blogs had appreciated my blog writing via.

I have been felicitated by Fuzia as a best writer, spectrum award as a Budding Writer and Personality award from standing ovation award.Yes, I am a winner for Your Quote competition created by The Wriiter Junction, co author for Bharatiya Youth Face of India, Firebox award, fame and frame award  winner  as a poet,elite book award winner as a poet and a nojoto chaupal winner which is the popular app of India. I have been chosen as a representative for Writer Capital Foundation and acknowledged by PreethNambiar Sir and ambassador of peace by steffano. My poetry can be tuned in spotify and other applications through scribbling inner voice.

2.What do you do apart from writing?

Well writing is my calligraphy of thoughts. I pique myself there but apart from that I am a volunteer I love servitude. I had been an inturn of various organization working and empowering women and LGBTI and other marginal people. I am a photographer and a translator. I had been working for various blogs and planning much more in future. I have many other genres to explore and henceforth I want to bio-data it through my action.

3.Share about your books.

Till now I had officially published my anthologies as a coauthor. Thereby, I am.sharing few words of my some of the poetry pieces which I send it to A Wink k to Morning, Petrichor, Mae of myths and Unexpressed emotions.

 Petrichor book is really an amazing ride for me as I had written about rain and a saga me. A sage like girl who can play the words of rain through her feelings. That intonation is something which is beyond vocabularies.

A Wink to morning is a poetry for my mother Namrata Kayastha when she was combating herself in a wrestle of life and death.  Cancer and metasis had really matured my intensity to see life through new angle.

Maze of myths and Unexpressed Emotions vibes your emotion and let you outpour what is the core of life and what you are holding as an amulet is just a mote of dust. It might sound too philosophic but it is a  dead end reality.

 I really feel a beautiful chord of emotions whenever I open my those diaries of writings. It murmurs a cathartic waves of ocean of introspection under me.

4.From where do you get ideas for writing?

 I observe from all nuances whether it is my own atmosphere or whatever I tuned my youtube on. I see art in every atoms and molecules. So I have no particular aspect to contrive in. I can tune sufi music and usurp the beans of spiritual into it or I can go outdoors to taste the biscuits of nature. So I have no boundaries to import into. Observe every sides you can see pigments of chlorophyll into it. As, it is said that every grass is green. Go green.

5.Who are your favourite authors and which books do you love reading again and again?

Oh my God what a question wow! My library is my youtube video and  those books which I always reside near my pillow.Kahlil Gibran, Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Amrita Pritam, Sadat manto, Anton Chekhov,the list is longer as they all had imbibed me the pleasantries of living on this earth. So, they had always let me to dunk in.

The book of 105 stories by Rumi, Kahlil Gibran collection, Selected poems by Gulzar,  Selected Stories by Sadat Hassan Manto these are some of the books which gives me the surpassing emotions beyond colloquial access. I feel exhilaration just telling you this …

6.What is your reaction when you get awarded for your brilliance in the writing field?

I am feeling like a top of the cream. I feel celestial joy from my inner core. Can nine words of thank you will fill that replenish. It will set a new record for a cleft lip kids and for those children who are orphan. Those marginal child who are chipped under the radar of various politics of economy and family discord after parents departure. This all mount you make you so strong that you will thank those gravity of experiences, they made you. Yes those chaos teaches you to be a steel hearted for your ambition. This award is an achievement to those successive nights where I loiter myself in a thirsty tongue. This trophy is a mark of ebullience that I didn’t gave up. I hounded and rise.

7.What books can we expect from you in the future?

I want to contribute my writing solely for my mother and her cancer journey as an author. I want to give it a say on more anthologies as an co author and as a motivational speaker via.Lots are there in my table of thoughts as I want to actuate in.Believe me it’s going to be an exciting walk for all of us.

A tip for the budding writers.

Two suggestions I can grapple into

Be you while you are writing, let your imagination bake in. Just observe the rim of every circle you will feel the supple inside you.

Rapid Fire:

1. Facebook or Instagram = Instagram

2. Indian food or Chinese food= Indian food

3. Paperbacks or Ebooks= Paperbacks

4. Romance or Mystery =Mystery

5. 6 pack abs or normal body= Normal

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