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Ease your hiring process With Labourin Recruitment Agency: The blue collar and grey collar manpower and online job portal supplier in Gurgaon



Labourin in Gurgaon aims to connect local workers such as electricians, Painters, Office boys, Maids, Guards, Labours, Mistri, etc., to the local people or company employers who want to hire them with ease.

There is a massive gap in the market between employers and such workers. Exploitation by the agencies makes it more miserable.

Sourabh Mishra, the founder of Labourin wants to solve this gap through his start-up.

He says, “The situation of these types of workers are very critical and needs to be more attentive. A poster in the front of our office was showcasing “काम चाहिए! लैबोरिन में शामिल हों” to attract such jobseekers/workers and it worked out without going anywhere! They started coming to our office for jobs. We made them their profile on our web app. Through the profile in our webapp anyone can hire them directly for the short-term work as a freelancer or for a long time according to the need. Many of them were hired as a freelancer for electricity work in-home and in construction sites as labour. We are also in talks with companies which hire such workers to increase the hirings.”

Adding such workers in the portal sometimes becomes ache as it is tough to create trust in some workers. Illiteracy is the biggest challenge. Hesitancy to use new things is also a significant issue. 

Recently, we were promoting Labourin in Labour Chowk in Gurgaon. The timings were 9 am to 11 am. We chose the time as it was mostly crowded with labours, Mistri, etc., during these hours. Many workers came to us and started asking what it was? How will it help? How soon will we get work? Many were keen to join us. We made them their profiles. But some were not binding due to a lack of trust. But we are working on it. Those who were added to our portal getting work nearby.

As we see, many start-ups are trying to solve this gap. Many were launched recently during the pandemic! We appreciate their work. We learn from them. We are not working on competing with them but on working with them. The problem is enormous and can’t be solved by one market leader. We need to join hands and help our Country to become self-dependent.

Our plans for the future,

We are increasing our efforts and engaging with such types of workers daily. Finding what they love, what they need, how more we can help and solve their problems. We are hoping to make our product more and more appropriate and helpful. We are working to make Labourin a SUPER APP for blue/grey collar workers. A one-stop destination for all their needs. From jobs to health insurance, Cheap stays in cities to providing meals, etc.

Currently, we are focussing only to provide jobs in every corner of India through Labourin. Building business relationships with constructions companies as they mostly hire such workers. 

We currently operate in New Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. We are hoping to add more states to our feasible list in few months.

The start-up is in early-stage with 300 users (Combining workers/Jobseekers and employers). We are bootstrapping it through savings and looking to raise funding, and are open to investors.

I request the people reading this article to check Labourin( and hire the best talent near them.

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