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e-Khool becomes the trustable Learning management system for coaching centers and training centers



The coaching and training centres serve as one of the vital industries of educational sector, since they build the skills of the students or graduates, apart from the curriculum. Though the curriculum lays the cornerstone for knowledge-building, the coaching and training centres map the curriculum knowledge with the real need of a student’s career, in terms of job opportunities, personality development, entrepreneurship, etc. They support the students, patting behind them to succeed in the highly competitive world. A little earlier, the coaching and training industries have also not been exempted from the pandemic effects. However, there must not be any bottleneck for education. The reason is that education is the only key to resolve the barriers of all industries and this is applicable to the operation of the coaching and training sectors as well. Though the society is facing the devastating effects of the pandemic, it accepted the changes and the theory of evolution in its educational sector. The boon is the Learning Management System (LMS), which enables the learners to learn everything online using the internet technology. Before pandemic, LMS was coined to connect only the employees of huge industries to enhance their skills. As of now, the pandemic has made it compulsorily necessary for everyone, who would like to learn systematically. LMS that are available in the market remains open only to the corporates, big industries and educational institutions, still imparting rigidity in customization. Hence, the LMS to be availed must be most trustable, flexible, versatile and intelligent to students, tutors, management and administration. With such an intention, the e-Khool LMS ( has been launched by Resbee Info Technologies (P) Ltd as one among the advanced LMSs that runs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every possible aspect of learning and teaching.

B. R. Rajakumar, Co-founder and Chairman-cum-Director of the firm said, “e-Khool is exceptionally flexible and versatile to all kind of coaching institutes, corporate training divisions and learning centres. Basically, we are a startup and commenced our LMS development since 2016. After 4 years of dedicated development, we have launched our LMS product, named e-Khool, in 2020. Since myself and D. Binu, who is the other Co-founder and Managing Director of this firm, were basically data scientists and machine learning professionals, it was easy for us to integrate the AI techniques into our LMS.”

“e-Khool has all the basic amenities of LMS such as live virtual classrooms, administrator control, multi-device access, screen sharing, content security, recorded sessions, assessment, grading and scoring, access to digital study materials and hierarchical control of the portal. It can be easily accessed via all type of computing devices, mobile phones and tablets. The platform has been made user-friendly and light-weighted to function even in marginal bandwidth. It is fully hosted in cloud and also available under SaaS model. e-Khool is highly flexible. An instance for its flexibility is that the host institute can opt for its own video conferencing application such as Googlemeet or Zoom app or our videoconferencing app. So, our clients will never feel the hassle of switching from a comfortable videoconferencing app, upon choosing e-Khool LMS. Presently, we have launched a Learning app called as Maazter ( with e-Khool as its backend, to facilitate understanding of 12th subjects that are under Samacheer Kalvi policy of the Government of TamilNadu”, he added.

D. Binu said, “The contents to be uploaded through e-Khool is highly secure and resistant to hacking as well as unauthorized distribution because of the VOD framework and the end-to-end encryption technology. With a handful of courses, you can run your own virtual school or provide blended learning to your students or learners. Moreover, the host institute can avail whitelabelling from e-Khool that makes branding of their institute easy, quick and satisfied.” “The most interesting features of e-Khool are the AI-integrated e-proctoring technology to enable live exam halls and the AIRA assistant. The AIRA assistant is another AI tool with patented AI techniques to predict the performance of learners, course successful ratio, scope of the course, learners’ behaviour, etc. Based on the predictions, AIRA assistant provides instant notifications and alerts to tutors, learners and management to improve the course performance. Since all the features are made customizable, our clients can avail these benefits based on their requirement. Though 25+ institutes are exploiting the e-Khool platform and 50+ leading educational institutes as well as coaching centers are using its trial version, customization is still demanded and they are under development. e-Khool is freely available for limited learners, while the clients opting it for business plan is enjoying the maximum benefits of it. While the universities and the educational institutions are searching for an LMS portal with whitelabelling and maximum flexibility, e-Khool will find its own place” he added.

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