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A Tech-savvy Entrepreneur and Fitness Expert/ Enthusiast, Director Sushant Sisodia has more than 12 years of experience in running his Own Secular Business.



An exceptionally talented man with immense passion and dedication for work; his expedition over the years in building up an empire of his own, where his own innovations could flourish; has been successful enough for him to rule. Entrepreneurship and Economy Creation is in his DNA. With a wide experience in Health & Fitness industry, he owns gym manufacturing unit. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Business management (PGDBM) Welingkar’s Institute, Mumbai; he has ample hands-on experience of running start-ups, he has in him the skill to build large establishments from scratch. For this in particular, he has ventured into the manufacturing of Food Truck business for last 2 years. He converted his innovative idea by giving food industry, mobility and creating more entrepreneurs. He is even involved with the reign of fitness, where he dedicates a personal time to his health, and relatively created his own kingdom, devoted to Health & Fitness which has a recognition as BioMech. 


  • -Director, India at PROPTA (U.S.)
  • “Professional Personal Trainers Association”
  • -Director at FITUNITY (virtual training platform).
  • -Assistant Manager at 
  • Wheels of Meals 
  • (food truck restoration).
  • -Assistant Manager at 
  • Sports & Gym Equipment
  • -CEO & Founder at Torque Fitness.


Keeping a vision that; with knowledge, talent and zeal to optimize potential, we could reach far where our own vision takes. As a religious diet-follower and a fitness enthusiast himself, he understood the practical problems and competition prevailing in the world and so this concept of transforming the trucks i.e. by transforming a scrap truck, in such a way that it turns into a portable and mobile kitchen/shop. This concept has helped a lot of people (his clients in particular) to sell their products without space being jeopardized. 

He is very much considerate about his people and welcome other entrepreneurs to join him, for uplifting national well-being. His eagle-eyes scoops raw talent easily. His compassion and dedication towards his work led him to attract many clients world-wide. While dealing, he had faced many challenges, but strong determination led him in successfully transforming others’ business perspective view as well as helping them to transform their well-being physically, physiologically and psychologically.  With food trucks Director aims a mission to create 10 million food and fitness entrepreneurs.


If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, it’ll be an honor to  help you with the best ever possibilities.

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 You must’ve heard:  

“an apple a day keeps a doctor away

 But could you ever rely on an apple? What if the apple is rotten.

And here’s the answer-

 “Fitness” – Sushant’s Mantra on Being Fit and Staying Healthy and Hearty is explained in his own beautiful thoughts-   “Fitness is Connecting & Inter-linking your Body & Soul by Nurturing Yourself Externally &  From Within”.

By this statement, he wants us to simply understand that by keeping ourselves in tone by working out, eating healthy and try coping with the unwanted tensions prevailing in day-to-day life. 

As said, His passion and dedication towards fitness, and his craze towards entrepreneurship has led him to start up a new venture which is recognized as “BioMech”. This venture in particular – a manufacturing unit, for the production of Gym Equipment. His upcoming new project is an idea of setting a Gym, where the equipment used, are manufactured by his company in order secure his reliability and guarantee of the equipment.

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He has come-up with an Online-Training Platform where he would be sharing his  Workout Strategies and Fitness Mantras by his personal training sessions.              

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Unlike other common man, he is hard-working, passionate, follows his own dietary plan, never skips meals and workouts. During time constrains as well, he follows his dietary and workout discipline.

Few hidden aspects of his life, which reflects his unspoken deeds as, in the social cause he has been doing over the years. He takes time out of his busy schedule to visit NGOs on personal grounds and working towards the social cause by encouraging Child Education emphasizing specially on Deprived and Unprivileged ones, participates actively in the betterment of Animal Rescues as well as raising funds for their treatment. He is very much concerned about Girl Child Education, Well-being and Security and thinking about future upcoming plans for this cause. Recently he actively participated in funding the Victims of Malnutrition.


An immense figure for the youth, he has decided to help nation to grow in terms of shaping talented youth to utilize their potential by helping them in scaling their business by strategizing plans to give them a platform to grow. He has an ambitious perspective, that he wants to bring the nation above poverty line. For that he is coming up with plans where people invest in such a way that they could utilize their potential as well as scale their business into yielding maximum returns. His idea is to create a platform for people for not only in successfully running the business, but also motivating and helping them in multiplying it as well. Unlike other entrepreneurs, his vision is not just to provide service; but also aspires to work towards the empowerment of the entrepreneurs, and transform them into being socio-effective so that they too prove to be an asset for the nation and become a reason for the growth of the economy.


  -With the successful gym equipment manufacturing unit project, he will slowly focus on how he could modify the gym equipment by bringing a revolutionary change in the technology and turning them into smart machines.

-Soon will come up with innovating projects of making home-gyms, which will give you an altogether new feeling of having an in-built gym at within your home-comfort.  

The newest addition Fitpreneur is all about creating maximum foodpreneurs and gympreneurs in the market.

Its all about creativity,innovation,scalable.

Creativity to make a unique brand.

Innovative mindset to build a process of brand functioning.

Scalable in terms of monetization and growth.

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