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A prominent name in the field of digital and social media marketing : Jitender Goswami



A prominent name in the field of digital and social media marketing, Jitender Goswami is a self-made entrepreneur, possessing a wide variety of skills and abilities required in the digital fields. Born on April 14, 1993, it is quite admirable to know that at just 28 years of age, he is the CEO of SMMPackage, which is a digital marketing and social media marketing agency certified by Google, and growing at a considerable scale in a very brief period of time. It was revealed by Mr Jitender in an interview with Street Mail TV, SMM started its operations in India in January 2020 and has already expanded its avenues in various countries, namely, USA, UK, Canada, Australia Thailand, England, Russia, and Bangkok.

“A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor.”

Mr. Jitender’s life has been no such exception to this popular saying by Franklin D. Roosevelt. He put his efforts into various businesses, but could not triumph. Instead of discouraging him, these incidents stirred up the passion in him and he acquired more entrepreneurial skills to help him grow, hence he established SMMPackage which has been flourishing ever since. He undertook various skill building courses like Masters of Computer Application, as well as Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing certified by Google.

Starting off his entrepreneurial journey as a reseller, Mr Jitender developed an interest in Social Media Marketing in 2018 and after proper research, analysis and understanding of the industry, he established a company of his own. SMMPackage has achieved great heights, for instance, a five-star rating on Google and ranked India’s number-one digital marketing company. It offers a wide variety of services- social media optimization and marketing, search engine optimization, YouTube and Facebook monetization, website traffic and content writing- all done by industry experts.

It is the passion and zeal for digital marketing and infinite curiosity that pushes him to seek knowledge and discover vast opportunities in the digital world. He constantly keeps his mind working to create, develop, and implement new ideas in business, which makes his company stand out and steal the show.  

At a constant effort to provide a unique and technical approach to social media marketing, the team offers efficient services which easily attract customers and clients from across the world. He is a firmly believes that keeping the clients’ interest at utmost priority in everything he does is a fool proof way to success in this field and makes sure to follow this golden rule.

Jitender Goswami relates and coordinates with his team well enough to ensure the smooth functioning of the company and maintains the appropriate balance between satisfying the employees’ as well as the clients’ needs. He also ensures to devote his time and resources to the community as well, by participating and organising charity activities and workshops.

“A leader should be visionary, and have more foresight than an employee.” Our digital marketing aficionado has a vision as well as constant dedication to make his company, within next five years, one of the most sought for globally. It has always been his constant effort to make his company burgeon and reach exceptionally great heights.

He constantly encourages young minds to venture out and use their entrepreneurial skills to explore new horizons and not be intimidated by onerous beginnings, as rightly said by Tony Robbins, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right.”

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