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Digital marketing is a generic term in this era of digital world. Google search became the main goal for almost all businesses and consumers and social media is doing its own job which is equally pivotal. Digital marketing strategy became essential in today’s competitive marketplace to grab customers as it is booming but one must have a strategist who can help elevate businesses with the proper plan of action. Bijay Rawat is one such Digital marketing professional who stepped into this world with a passion for taking Brands to new heights and also aims to spread the growing innovations for remarkable reach.

Bijay Rawat, a native of Delhi is an Advertising Specialist and Marketing Professional. His expertise lies in the expansion of brand identities to global scale through Digital means. He has profound experience in PPC, SEO, SMO, Analytics, ASO, and show Ads. His specializations have catered to various services under the Digital Marketing banner such as Tech Support, Setups and Organizations, Management areas, Campaign building and optimization, Utilizing Marketing tools, Website Development (Word Press), and Strategic Planning.

“I aim to improve brand recognition and am open to innovations at every step. With the supportive backing from my clients, I can build them a reach beyond imaginable across the world” said Bijay

His services include:

Web Development -Modern and mobile-ready website that will help you reach all of your marketing.

Search Engine Optimization – On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO

Advertising services – Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Bing Ads/ SEO – Bing Ads, Microsoft Clarity, and Bing Webmaster Specialist.

Bijay feels imperative to share few fun facts and achievement about his career as a Digital marketing professional where four Awards were added in his kitty for his exceptional service. His close known people say he is a well deserved Awardee. Furthermore to state his perks also include a visit to two countries alongside with on-boarding four major clients in a short span of time. Isn’t it amazing? Undoubtedly he is awesome, he is friendly and he is prompt. He is extremely creative with his solutions with outstanding customer service right from the start of the project till the end. Bijay’s efficient and creative bent revamped the branding of his clients. He delivers solutions according to the customer’s needs.

Bijay implements each of his projects keeping in mind the client’s current needs and deliver superior customer experiences in specific service executions, together with an increase in the revenue for its clients. As per the study majority of the customers makes a research online before purchasing any item which also signifies that an online presence for a business is extremely crucial to  develop trust amongst its customers and the result of Bijay’s commitment with different tactics and strategies are dramatic that helped him build relationship with his clients for a long term. Collaborating with Bijay has been advantageous for his clients, with a gale of overpowering and persisting planner who apparently excelled in achieving outstanding project results.

Bijay started as a soloprenuer who was always keen to learn from the successes of other entrepreneurs and marketers but he always had an insight towards his customer behavior with the qualities like perseverance, determination, hard work, passion and resilience. Every soloprenuer goes through challenging situations to make their venture successful and functional. Without challenge nothing is possible and it becomes the stepping stone for every business but what matters at the end is how you unveil yourself with your passion and determination towards your goal by turning your dream into a reality.

Considering the present era of digital world there is no doubt that if any person goes with digital marketing for business, it would be fruitful as it is a quickly growing field which can improve and brighten your career. Choosing digital marketing as a career, it had given a better life to Bijay. Indeed he is a real example of a self motivated and self learning man. He likes to meet new people and explore new places. He is a music lover too.

Bijay is doing extremely well in his career with each passing day as the world is going digital even during lockdown his digital marketing business was at its peak. The arrival of pandemic had given even more opportunities to all business entities to elevate themselves. It was only his desire to be his own boss that pushed him to give wings to his passion!

You can connect with him for smart operations on and @bijayrawat1

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